Hello there, I am Tyler McIntosh. I am writing to you all from an insane asylum that I was placed in after several strange events occurred after the disappearance of Leonard H. Tead, a new kid at my high school.

I was a Junior at Washington High School, so the excitement of knowing that I only had one year left was exhilarating. We would always get new kids in our class almost every year, many of the kids would come and go, but none of them stand out the way Leonard H. Tead did. Leonard joined our class junior year and he loved to wear black clothing, although he wasn't really gothic. Many of the kids in our class, and many of the seniors and underclassmen, would tease Leonard on a daily basis. Feeling bad for Leonard, I approached him and started talking to him. He smiled, introducing himself to me formally. He spoke in a deep, raspy voice, definitely not the voice I would expect from him.

Despite the fact me and Leonard became friends, I was very much intrigued yet disgusted by the macabre pictures he would draw. Sure he was an artist, but seeing drawings of houses on fire, people getting shot, and decapitations just really freaked me out.

A few months later, one of the popular kids at school, John Richmond decided to throw a party on the weekend and invited everyone but Leonard. Leonard approached me and asked if I got an invite to John's party, and I said yes. Leonard's face shriveled up, not normal for a guy who had seemed expressionless throughout most of our friendship. Leonard pulled out a note from his pocket, and I knew it was the same paper used for the invitations that John gave out. Rather than seeing the RSVP written out like on my paper, Leonard's paper had "GO HOME LOSER" written in blood red ink. I told Leonard to not worry about what people were saying. The next day, Leonard did not show up for school and didn't answer his cell phone when I called. I figured Leonard was probably still depressed over the bullying, so I wanted to give him his space.

The day of the party came and while I enjoyed myself dancing and socializing, I couldn't get Leonard's pain off my mind. At 12:00 A.M, things started to become strange. A black fog crept through the bottom of the door and given that it was close to Halloween, I disregarded it as a fog machine. However, the fog began to envelop the other partygoers except for me. Everyone began to cough and let out blood curling screams. Frantically, I ran for the doors but they were locked for some reason. I sat there, yanking on the doorknob but nothing happened. Soon, the smoke cleared and I turned around, screaming at the top of my lungs when I saw EVERY person at that party was lying in a pool of blood, all with their throats slashed. Here is where things get crazy: When the smoke cleared, it formed into the shape of a teenager. The teen wore a dark hood covering his eyes, so I could only see the lower portion of his mouth. The figure then stared at me, and removed the hood. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that this figure was none other than Leonard, my best friend who had gone missing. The figure soon disappeared into thin air. The police soon came after being alerted by the neighbors. They asked me what happened and I told them the truth, that Leonard H. Tead had killed the party attendants.

The police however, looked at me puzzled, like they thought I was psychotic but I was telling the truth. One of the officers approached me and told me that there was NO way Leonard Tead could have murdered the party attendants. It turns out that Leonard, in his depression, finally snapped and murdered his mom before hanging himself in the closet. I told the police that I saw Leonard kill them before disappearing into thin air. The police believed I was being psychotic and they admitted me into an insane asylum.