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Usually people would think that one of the most important experiences of their lives would be buying their first house. That certainly was not the case for me. I was twenty and I had just gotten into a local college. I bought a new house with my scholarship money from high school and I thought I was set for life.

My house had everything I wanted... a swimming pool in the backyard, a nice field in the back, and a good view of my street. Surprisingly it was very cheap, compared to how great I thought it was, but I shook that off.

The next morning, I was about ready to drive to school when I noticed a very large crack in my driveway. I ignored it and continued on. The next day, I noticed that the crack had grown seemingly larger.

"I must be going crazy," I concluded, and proceeded to walk to my car. Once again, it was a normal day in my life. However, when I get to my car the next day, I noticed that the crack seemed to have grown 2 inches wider.

This sort of disturbed me with the rapid widening of the crack, but out of curiosity, I decided to look deep into it. When I looked into the crack, I saw a small red light shining from the ground, which was even more disturbing to me. I tried to ignore that too and go back to school. When I came home, I took another good look at the crack. I decided to shrug it off and go to sleep.

The next day when I was leaving my house, and on my way to the driveway, I could hear disturbing, faint cries for help and moaning. I looked back into the crack and, without having to look deep inside like before, I saw the red shining light. In an attempt to shake off my fear I went to school. Yet when I tried to back my car into my garage upon returning home, my tire ran over something. I heard a scream outside my window.

"Oh, SHIT," I exclaimed as I left my car to investigate.

Under my tire lay a bloody hand. The scream continued on. I looked back into the crack. I could make out pairs of eyeballs... dozens of them. I must have been living right above Hell!

I had the crack filled with concrete and continued on to school for about a week, until the crack started expanding again. I quickly moved out and bought a new house, this time making sure there were no cracks in the driveway.

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