Holder of Data Black Laptop
For my nineteenth birthday, I got a new laptop—or at least it was new according to my father. He was always pretty cheesy with all of my siblings presents, but since he was our dad we had to cope with him.

Convincing me after hours of arguing, and telling me it belonged to my grandmother whom passed away no longer than 2 years ago, I finally gave in and took the shitty laptop. He promised to fix it up once he and my mother got enough money, but until then, tough luck. I was really disappointed, so I went up to my room without another word.

I hooked up the PC to the wall, and got it all set up for me to use it for the first day. It took a while to start up, and I played my Nintendo DS for a while until I heard the familiar jingle to the windows theme. I turned the DS off right away and made my account, adding a password along with it.

The wallpaper was pitch black, and no programs on the desktop, only two files. Both of them were named "..." and I thought it was pretty stupid to name it that, but I shrugged it off and decided to settle on that my grandmother wasn't that original with titles.

I clicked on the first file, and it opened up with a couple of WMV files, named family.wmv, new house.wmv, and then the last one is the one that caught my eye especially. It said "help.wmv" which I thought was kind of weird. I started with the first one, family.wmv—which, was of course, me and my family at my sister Angie's fourteenth birthday party. She had a large smile pasted on her face, her buckteeth showing gradually, and she had trouble blowing out the candles which made me smile a tad.

I moved onto the next one, and It was my grandmother, and grandfather (we called him pops.) Pops and her looked happy, standing in front of a new, blue house that seemed good as new. She hugged him and they walked inside, holding hands. It showed the house inside, with amazing polished floors and nice dark blue walls. I smiled a bit inside, heart warming up. My grandmother was surprised, and she gave pops a huge hug! She seemed that she had no idea about the new house on the inside, and how nice it was.

The video stopped.

As I saw the help me.wmv loading, the computer made the loudest screech ever and I gasped in fright. Not expecting the loud noise, the computer shut off immediately. I was so relieved that my father hadn't come up, instead he was at dinner with my mom. I tried to calm myself down, and rebooted the computer immediately—It was faster this time, and instead of making the jingle, It was the video of help me.wmv, which was weird.

My eyes narrowed at the screen, confused at what was happening at first. It was pitch black in the video for 5 seconds at the least and then it cut to four girls inside of an elevator, seeming like they were having the greatest time of their life. The camera shook, and it was static-y, I sat back while feeling a bit uneasy about this video.

It cut to one of the girls, seeming really nervous, and looking around a couple times as if somebody was watching her. She sat alone in a room, and she looked like she was about to cry...I felt a weird feeling down in my stomach, almost like a knot wrapping up in heartbreak. I could hardly make out what she was saying, but I heard something in a different language—most likely Italian by the sounds of it. I heard a man begin speaking behind the camera, and I had to rewind it a couple times to see what he was saying.

'Sto andando a spegnere le luci.'

I'm going to turn off the lights.

She seemed horrified, begging him not to and now she was crying. The lights went off in the video, It stayed black for a long time before flashing a quick face, which I didn't want to make out of.

The computer turned off by itself, and I sat there for 30 minutes. It wouldn't turn back on when my dad tried, and he told me he would get me another, a better, new one.