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That was once a boy named Alan. He was a very smart kid in class, he was respected a lot and his classmates pray to him hell, I think even the teachers prayed to him. It happened one day in class at the beginning of grade 12. The class had to write down his targets for the final year exam. He had written them as though as someone had told him to write the most impossible exam score ever. He wanted to get A* for all of the exams. Being him, none of his classmates cared as he was incredibly smart.

When he got his test results back, he was devastated. He got A* for most of the subjects except for Mathematics which he got A. For many people, that would be the best exam score of their entire existence. For him, it killed his honour. He wanted to get all A* to make a mark on the school's history forever. He couldn't. His friends tried to comfort him but they couldn't.

When he reached home, the first thing he noticed was that, his house would normally not be empty and would have his mother and father sitting on the sofa watching television and doing other stuff. Today, there was no one. He decided to first take a shower, then eat teabreak, play some computer games and then read his books until dinner time.

He reached into the shower. As the water poured down his head onto his shoulders, he heard a grunt coming from outside. Immediately, he turned in that direction. He heard it again. He slowly walked towards the bathroom. Could it be his parents and they stayed in their room silently to surprise his with presents. He opened the door.

He should have thought about it first because which parent would grunt. Which caring parent is a better one. Well, too late. Alan screamed as the monster used his arm-turned-hook to jab into Alan's stomach and ripped it out of his body. He fell onto the ground bleeding profusely with tears in his eyes. He started screaming crazily as the thing started hacking away it's victim. As Alan breathe his last few breath, he asked weakly, "Who are you?"

"You broke your promises of getting all A* for your exams,now DIE!" he answered and slashed his hook into Alan's head, exploding the head. As the monster laughed at Alan's mangled dead body, he ripped of his own skin like a snake and grabbed Alan's head and ripped off his skin along with the skull and spine. He grabbed the skull and ate it, the crunching sound sounding like cockroaches getting chewed. He wore the skin on like a shirt and smiled with those red eyes.

The next day, classmates in Alan's school was celebrating over the exams being over. Alan entered into their presence. He was wearing a jacket with his hood, covering his face. His friend talked to him normally but Alan was not himself. Then one of his friends said, " Jeez, Alan you are so different today. Who are you and what have you done to Alan?" He laughed with the others. When he turned back to Alan, he was just millimeters away from his face. "I killed him!" They died. All of their bodies mangled beyond recognition.

So let this be a warning to you and everyone who reads this. Don't make promises to yourself and break it. If you do, then be careful. For that monster who kill Alan, will come for you.

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