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Necrologies as Forewarnings

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The thing I've always hated about humanity, is their absolute inability to understand a metaphor.

Fairy tales, legends, folklore will say it the most clearly. The ghoul- a horrible creature of rotten flesh and completely absent humanity. A being that comes out in the darkest, most ungodly hours to satisfy its hunger on the living- the pure, all for itself. According to these stories, they lurk in our forests, our graveyards, and even in our own domains at time.

What can a man say about something as straight forward as a ghoulish, dehumanized monster? One that has returned from death, purulent and peeling. In a simple answer, simply more than you would assume.

How does one become a ghoul in these fairy-tales, legends, and religions? Why, it's the killers, those with immense sin, and the most abhorrent of all, those that do all of this without care. They are the ones that return to feast upon the living. They come and feast on the insecure, the weak, and the vulnerable like a leech, eventually creating more of them.

What happens to a perfectly healthy man when put into the extremes? When paired with a situation he can not solve or ignore, he, himself, becomes extreme. When one takes their first taste of sin, it is said to be addicting and absorbing. Almost like a pathogen within the body, once it has successfully fought past your defenses, you must live with it until it chooses to leave. It is a part of you for as long as it likes. Once that "pathogen" takes a hold of you and begins to controls your thoughts, you require aid. Once you are weakened, it controls your actions. Your necrology is submitted.

When one kills, rapes, or harms another without reason, could it not be said his very humanity is rotting away? That he is becoming lesser, unable to fight these urges that consume him? Once this power (whatever you see it as: a mental illness, a temptation of the taboo, or a pull from evil incarnate itself) has entered him as a pathogen, he rots away. He is a husk of what he once was, succumbing to subhuman traits from the pedestal of a human.

What does this sort of human do? Do they simply take their urges out once and cage them again? No. They find those that are weak, those they can easily prey on, and those that are vulnerable. They manipulate and lie until they get what they want. When this process is done, if the victim is not deceased, in the extremes, man himself becomes the extreme. Another ghoul is made. Another necrology is submitted.

The thing I've always hated about humanity, is their absolute inability to understand a metaphor.

Sometimes you can only understand a metaphor by taking it literally.


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