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Author's note: This is dedicated to OfficialUboa. He likes deformed humane Creepypastas. So, consequently, here is one.

Once in a while, a small town, a small sleepy town, a small sleepy forgotten town, becomes known for something. And sometimes, that something is not always good. Such is the story of Necritallica, a gothic-Christian town. People tended to move away from there, and not to there. However, sometimes, there are exceptions. One of these exceptions . . Well, this story is about it.

The it, which will be referred to as I, was a strange thing, whatever it was. I had long gangly arms, that were double-jointed. Knees were also double-jointed, as was its neck. I's neck could move 360 degrees, if I wanted its neck to. Most of the time, I walked like a crab, sideways with its elbows bent inward, its neck upside down, on its back so its face was normal.

Sometimes, when I hunted its prey, I had its knees bent backward, its neck facing backward, and I's elbows bent inward again. I could talk, as well as sprint, dance and walk. Scientists reviewed and found that I preferred eating I's own dead skin, such as scabs. When I was fed some flesh from a dead person, I gobbled it all up, as if it were some sort of delicacy. When the scientists published their findings, most people wanted it kept under captivity.

However, I somehow managed to escape, due to I's ability to invert his joints. When the people heard this, they kept themselves under lock and key. However, I wanted vengeance.

I would break into their homes, slay them with a knife, and eat their flesh. When most of the town was decapitated, I left, and went presumably missing. I is also on the internet today, apparently from the slayings of some people depicted on the internet.

How do I know all of this? Well, why did you think I named it I?

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