Antidote testing

The Beginning

The Nazi Fungal Infestation Testing started before the war began. It was unique compared to other Nazi experiments. This could probably be one of their most sick and twisted experiments. The story you are about to read is 100% real.


It all started with strange behaviors with ants. Yes, ants. Nazi scientists found strange behaviors with ants after they came into close contact with a certain fungi. This behavior inspired some of them to research this further. Most of their research was based on the different species of “zombie fungi”. They tested each and every zombie fungi they knew of on ants, to see which would be most powerful. Next, they tested chemicals to see if they could make it even more powerful, and to find antidotes. No antidotes were found, but a certain chemical (not known because there was a red smudge in the area of the chemical name) made the fungi even stronger.

First Test Subject

They finally perfected the chemical and fungal mixture on ants. They called it Zombex. They wanted to try it on dogs. The outcomes were gruesome. The dog’s eyes would dilate, it would foam at the mouth and have extreme muscle spasms. The dog would soon begin to get weaker and weaker, before passing out for a day. While it slept, hair on the top of the head would fall off and skin would peel off from the top. White puss like substance would softly seep out of where the skin used to be. Oddly enough, that was where the injection point was. Small little fungi would start to grow on that area.

When the dog had woken up, it would act in a calm nature, as if nothing had happened, which puzzled scientists. It would not eat, sleep, or anything. It would just stay there, sitting there, as more skin and hair peeled off and more pus substance would seep softly out. Every time a scientist would get near, the dog would let out a soft moan, as if trying to speak, which broke many scientists hearts. Most of the scientists resigned. During the week period, they did some blood tests. The blood was thick and white, full of fungal spores.

After a full week, most of the dog’s flesh would have rotted off, covered in fungus. It was missing an eye by now, and half of its lower jaw was missing. It was a pure nightmare. A complete horror no normal mortal could create in their imagination. Yet, it acts as if it is not affected. Just sitting there, almost no sign of mortality. There is one large fungus growing in the injection point, we think its function will be to spread the spores. After a day, the big fungus had burst, killing the dog and sending a gas full of these spores into the air. Ten out of the twelve made it out alive. The two that were infected were locked up and observed for human testing.

Human Testing

Now that they had two already infected test subjects, they could observe to see the effects on humans. It was slightly different, due to their brain being highly advanced. Five scientists left, thinking that this was too inhumane, leaving only five to observe. They watched the human test subjects closely. The subjects were confined in the same cell together, to see interactions between each other. The process of infestation was longer, as expected.

Their eyes would go bloodshot and dilate, their screams were blood curdling. They foamed in the mouth, begging for mercy, until the words they spat out could not be comprehended due to the foam. Blood trickled out of their eyes, their facial expressions could not be forgotten. It was horror that no human should ever go through. They would twitch. Muffled screams became moans. Moans became silence as they passed out. After five days, they woke up. They sat up, expressionless. One of them gouged out their own eyes. The other crawled to the corner and sat there, rocking himself. Soft moans came from his mouth.

A day after, a small fungus grew out of the eye sockets of the one who gouged their eyes out. The other one was still rocking in the corner, chewing his thumb. His thumb was all chewed up, and one exposed part of the bone could be seen. Instead of blood, white puss would seep out. One of them said under their breath, “Our heart does not beat. Yet, we live.”

Skin would be falling off their body just like what happened to the dog. The white pus, fungi. All of this, and they seemed like they were not affected. They didn't even breathe anymore, and yet they made simple movements of life here and there.

After two weeks, they had no more skin and a lot of their muscle was rotted away. They looked like fungal zombies, covered in their white blood. Just like the dog, a big, pulsating fungus grew out from their heads. A few days later, it would blow up, releasing pores. The scientists made more Zombex and stored it in a safe.

The End of Zombex

One of the scientists that resigned came back to the facility. He went mentally mad and wanted to stop this once and for all. Not even the biggest enemies deserved a death like this. Under secret, he slipped in bombs and blew up the facility, luckily it was underground. All the spores were released underground. No one knows what happened after that. The facility was locked down so the spores would not be released. To this day, the facility has not been rediscovered, and the perfect mixture was lost forever. Only one scientist made it out alive during the explosion, but he was infected. The Nazis recovered most of the research information, thanks to the infected survivor. The survivor was thrown back down the facility and locked in to stop spreading.

There is almost no way of finding this facility, and hopefully, it remains lost forever. This is all the information I could recover from these documents. I burnt the documents, just in case.