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July 22, 2012Edit

Hey, It's me again, sorry there was no closure on the 16th, I just couldn't finish. Well, now I'm living with my head down, so he doesn't find me. Oh you don't know of my friend Nathan, how rude of me not to explain for the viewers who've skipped my first story. Nathan was weird, he gave me the creeps when I saw him on the 16th, but I can say this. Nathan is looking for me, and I need to lay low, he said "Demonic.......Fighting" by fighting does he mean killing powers, either way, I have another story that freaked me out about Nathan. Here we go.

It was December 31, 1999 we had graduated the day prior, Me and Nathan were good friends. He was popular now and he stayed at that level for three years after high school. So me and Nathan wanted to have money to throw around and buy stuff.

We got a community service job and got some money to spend Monday-Thursday 2 times a week, so we had a man who was refusing to cross the street and Nathan was getting irritated. So The man said: "I'm not crossing this street, until I get assistance!" So Nathan kindly asked to assist him. This is were it gets weird.

The man said "You assist me?" Nathan said "Listen, I'm irritated so you're going to cooperate with me RIGHT NOW!" The man responded with a quick turn of the head. Nathan grabbed the man by the arm and dragged him across the street, then when they got to the other side. Nathan was different, looked different. So then he pushed him into the street, the man grabbed Nathan and threw him in his place and Nathan was hit by a car. The women driving the car got out and yelled "We need and Ambulance! Please Help!" I stood there stunned and then Nathan, grabbed the front of the car to keep him up, and lifted himself up and said "Don't worry about it"

  • Knocks on door

"Shit, I thought I had more time, I'll be right back." (sounds of footsteps fading)

(Discussion in the background for a minute or so)

(Footsteps getting louder)

"Back, thankfully it wasn't Nathan, but I got an letter from the Police. Let me open it (Sound of paper shredding quietly) hmm, wait it's a file o... What the hell, no this isn't right. It's files of my Autopsy from last year, but .I never got an autopsy last year. I've never had one."

"No return to the old days...BUDDY," It said on the back. Who sent this? Nobody I know. *Slight Pause Oh my god no. The signature says.

ChrisCorre (talk) 18:27, July 24, 2012 (UTC)Nathaniel Reduck"

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