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There is a channel on YouTube called Nana825763. The videos the user posted are kind of strange and awkward. You can still find it on YouTube but they may seem too disturbing. I didn't see every video because if you look at his account you can easily see why. I mainly picked the popular videos. I'll show you what I experienced while looking at the account.

Video: Doll. Date posted: Sep 27, 2006.

This is a two minute video which starts with music playing. Not eerie music but peaceful music. In the background though it shows a doll with a red rose. Then it shows a black hand move across the doll like it's going to grab it. It then cuts to a woman's head with a butterfly on her neck doing something. I think it's a butterfly. Every now and then her neck moves around the screen. Then it shows hands on her face moving her in a way I never thought possible. Then it cuts to some weird circular things with arms, legs, and wings. Then it shows feet pedaling something. Possibly a bicycle. Then it shows the bottom part of a face (mouth and nose) just sitting there. Then bugs start crawling up the face as it sings. It then shows the whole body with bugs, flowers, wounds, and more bugs near or on it. Around the 52 second mark I can't tell what's happening at all. It then cuts to a word saying love with some butterfly/monster thing near her. It cuts to more eerie images.

I can't say exactly what they are but it's creepy. The happy music doesn't seem nice anymore and a lot more creepy images are shown like the mouth, pedaling guy, and the butterfly monster. It cuts to more gruesome images before finally ending. The last couple seconds show a line saying music by antihoney. Whoever he is.

Video: None. Date posted: Sep 26, 2007.

A two minute 44 second video showing a rectangle with black and white images but unlike the last one this has eerie music from the start. It also shows a hand touching the screen and moving it. Also as the video goes on, it shows spiders on the hand every time it touches the screen. This one gave me an eerie feeling from the start. Near the end the music picks up and gets more creepy as it goes on. This is a difficult video to sit through because of the terror that comes along with it so I'm not going to pay much attention to it.

I was confused about what all these videos meant but when I saw the most popular video he uploaded with over four million views I figured it out.

Video: Username: 666. Date posted: Feb 26, 2008.

This video is actually easier to view because if you read Username: 666 then you'll probably get what's going on because it basically retells the Creepypasta. It shows someone type in and it says the account was terminated but the person refreshes it and eventually the background gets creepier and the videos eventually come in. When he clicks on them he can't click off and he tries a bunch of different techniques until he starts freaking out and losing his mind. The last part of the video shows a hand that pops out of the screen and the camera breaks or gets damaged because the screen cuts to that colored screen you always get with the colored bars when something has no signal. The video ends here.

I was about to go away but then I noticed that the first video (doll) was uploaded about the same time the channel 666 was taken down so maybe whoever 666 was could actually have moved to this channel because as the Creepypasta "Username: 666" describes these videos were about the same content as these looked. Did 666 upload his videos here? Have we missed that the entire time? Are these the exact same videos re-uploaded? Is there another virus with this channel if you refresh something? Does he have anymore channels? Has he gotten away with this for eight years? Where is 666 now? Who is he? Is he the devil or something? Is this an even worse virus?

I don't know if there is a link between nana825763 and 666 but here's what I know.

1. This channel was made about the same time 666 was made.

2. He either could have moved to this channel or he could have had two channels at the same time and only one was flagged down.

3. These videos show about the same content as 666.

4. His first video (doll) didn't start getting lots of views until the middle of 2008 so he could probably have easily hid this since people were more focused on 666 (the popular account).

5. If you don't think nana825763 is a real account then you can look it up. All you have to type in on YouTube is username 666 and this video should pop up at the beginning.

I don't know if this is 666's new account but you have to admit that these videos are very similar as described in "Username 666". To this day his YouTube account still sits here but he hasn't uploaded in over a year so his account might be dead. That would mean we might finally be rid of him after almost 10 years. He could be gone or maybe he moved yet again to a different account and we might be already too late.

If you find a weird account somewhere then leave it in the comments so I can hopefully solve this soon.

[Update] - 6/1/2014

Someone in the comment section told me the user's e-mail address and I want to say thank you to that person. This is the email I sent to Nana825763.

Subject: I'm doing research on your channel.

Hi, let me introduce myself. I'm a person doing research on your channel. If you want to see what I wrote then here's a link to my page at

(Here I put the link to the page).

If you watched it and if you're still reading what I wrote then please e-mail me back to give me more information. I'm trying to find a connection with the popular creepypasta "Username: 666" and your channel.

Sincerely, Anonymous.

I didn't put my name in because I don't want to give too much info out.

Hopefully he or she will e-mail me back so I can continue this.

[Update] - 10/18/2014

It's been over four months since I've e-mailed this person. When I didn't get anything I just forgot about it and forgot about this story. Earlier this morning though my mind was blown when I saw that he or she actually responded. Here's the e-mail I received.

Subject: Re: I'm doing research on your channel.

You're very close to the truth here so I'm going to have to ask you to delete your account or else there will be consequences. I can't let anyone find out about this. I've tried so hard to keep it a secret. It's people like you who I have to watch out for and make sure they don't tell anyone else about any of what you said. When you were writing your story you came really close. The truth is something bigger then just having two accounts though. You may disregard this as me trolling you but if I were you I'd delete your stupid story if you still want to live.

Sincerely, Nana825763

Ok, well I'm not deleting this story because that e-mail was obviously garbage. Still, the guy said I was close to the truth. I don't know what that means but I don't think I'm going to be e-mailing that person again. I don't know why but that e-mail did scare me and it made me think about all of this. If Nana825763 reads this then they might delete it so in case it does get deleted I'm going to copy and paste this on Microsoft Word so I can re-type it. I'm going to try to make a fourth update if anything else comes up.

Final Update: 10/19/2014

When I woke up this morning I checked my e-mail and I saw another e-mail from the mysterious Nana825763.


I tried to warn you but you wouldn't believe me. I was just going to delete your page but I'm going to keep this up as a warning to anyone else who stumbles across this page. The channel 666 was my original account and I used both these accounts to bring fear into the minds of everyone who stumbled across it. 666 got flagged down immediately but this account managed to survive through the years. I'm not the devil as you described but I'm also not human. You'll find out who I am when I murder you inside your own house. There is no escape. You can get the cops but that's not going to help you.

Sincerely, Nana825763

Ok, so the reason I'm writing this is because later that day I got several more e-mails. They were saying things like:

"I'm heading for you", "You are running out of time", and "I can see your house".

I wasn't sure if it was real but then it started describing features of my house and it said it could see me out my basement window. I looked out immediately and I could catch a large figure running away. I just hope I finish this story in time before it's too late.

To anyone out there who may be reading this. Do NOT e-mail this guy. Don't write this info on anymore websites. Don't end up like me.

I just moved to my closet because I can hear it pounding on my door. I brought a gun, knife, and a block of cement with me. If I manage to kill it off I'll let you know but if I don't then you'll know that I didn't make it. It just broke through my door and I can hear it outside my basement. I don't have the guts to open the door and look at it. It's making a low pitched moaning sound and it's breathing heavily.

It's tearing up my whole basement looking for me. I don't have much time left. I don't care if anyone's going to believe me. If I was your age I wouldn't have believed it either. I can assure you that this is true.

Before I end this I want to clarify again: Don't get involved with this guy. Don't send e-mails to him. Don't piss him off. Don't do anything to him at all. I don't want anyone else to end up like me. It's getting closer to the closet so I'm going to send this before it's too late.

Thank you to everyone who has read this and supported me.

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