"The Candy Giver"

There he was again, just like every day. He sat there on the park bench, just sitting, like he was waiting for something to come that never would. You could even say he was slightly attractive if you just looked at him. That is…if you just looked at him, but I knew much, much more. Too much; and I knew he knew I did. Behind those piercing blue eyes was a darkness that no human being should be capable of. But all he did was stare at me.

Sometimes, we would stare at each other. Almost like we were seeing who could keep their eyes open the longest, but the difference was, we were blinking. The goal for this game was who would look away first?

Which one of us dared to take our eyes off the other? Usually it was me first, only because I would be called home and had to leave. Usually…usually it was me first…until one day, he was no longer sitting at the park bench, but instead, he occupied the one at the playground. His eyes…fixed on the children.

My face drained of all color as I watched him, those blue orbs unmoving from the small kids playing about without any worry in the world. He kept his face stone still, unless a child waved at him innocently, and then he would smile kindly and wave back. Those masks he wore were perfect, if I were an unsuspecting parent I myself would just see him as a warm father watching his own children, or maybe just a friendly passer-by taking a rest. But he was nothing of the sort.

I knew what he was doing; he had no real interest in those children. But he knew as much about me, as I did him. He knew it killed me, no, infuriated me to see him gazing at them. This man was trying to get me to wander over, trying to lure me towards him to pounce on his prey and it was working.

Before I knew what I was doing, I jumped the fence and didn’t even bother looking both ways before running across the street into the playground. I didn’t run straight to him, but to the bench across the play area and sat down to glower intensely. Once he caught sight of me, he couldn’t hide the smirk that played at his lips and the triumph that danced in those damned eyes. In his mind, he had won the game. In his mind, I was the prize that he had worked so hard to win and now I was his.

But in my mind…the game had just began.

This man had a dark past, a dark present, and has an even darker future. His name was Edgar Felix, he’s been missing for three days now.

And he will never turn up.