My cat usually sleeps right behind my knees as I lay on my side. Tonight, though, she must have fallen asleep on the couch in the living room, as I can't see her anywhere.

As I am about to drift off, I feel something land behind my knees. My cat probably got lonely and she wanted my company. I close my eyes again and sigh, while my cat starts purring. Then this weird thought creeps into my mind: my cat isn't that heavy. To put this ridiculous thought to rest, I turn to look at her.

An old hag sits behind my knees, licking the back of her hand and purring. Her hooked nose is large and her face long, her skin stretched across her cheekbones. Her teeth are sharp and rotten, and her hair shines with grease.

I recoil in shock. The old hag opens her eyes wide and her jaw drops. A foul stench fills my nostrils. I freeze in terror. Then, the old hag raises her hand and snaps her fingers.

She turns into my cat.


Written by MrDupin
Content is available under CC BY-SA