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I have had two houses in my life and in the one I had until the age of 8 I saw a ghost appear at random...

When I was 7 or 8 I woke up at around 6:30 and went downstairs to see if anyone else was awake but obviously they weren't but I went downstairs anyway. Walking into the kitchen to get a slice of bread to eat I heard the hissing of a cat and I walked to the stairs thing nothing of it until I heard a knock on the back door.

Turning round to face the door I saw the stereotypical ghost form... White sheets, black eyes and mouth but seeing the thing, I was startled and paused in my tracks staring at the door.I saw the ghost turn to me and no matter what I couldn't move.

Then five minutes later the phone rang and I heard a voice say "Go to sleep" it sounded like my mum and this was years before we had a computer so I didn't know anything about the ghosts. I cannot remember what happened after that but I also had an accident when I was 5 and I got my head stuck down the side of my bed and it was really hard to get out but I can only remember waking up the next morning as I would normally.

I do not know whether these have anything to do with each other but every night after I saw the ghost I was never serious about much again...

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