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My grandma has been acting very strange lately. You see, my aunt lives with her to take care of her due to weakness from old age, and she told me that my grandma has been seeing another lady in her house.

My grandma acts like this is completely normal, like another woman belongs in the house. When we ask her about it, she just smiles. My mom was kind of creeped out by this, and so was I. I decided to do a little bit of research on the house, knowing that it was an old house and probably had a lot of history.

Thanks to Google, I found out that the second people to buy the house after it was made found a coffin on the front porch. Sadly, I didn't get many details, such as a specific time and the contents of the coffin, but the time was probably the very early 1900's, considering the time that my grandma bought the house.

I am not sure if it is haunted because my mom and her siblings grew up there without anything weird happening. When I heard these things, I thought I should submit them to a Creepypasta site because they seemed really creepy. She might just be seeing things from old age, but you never know....

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