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My Girlfriend
By The CreepypastaSuperheroGuy

To the point.

Before you continue,

My Life began in Pahrump, Nevada, I was born May 15, 1994, at approximately 12:05 PM. I grew up there until in my neighborhood, a killer ran around rampaged and killed my parents. Thank god that I was not harmed, he walked past my room, when I was 8 years old in 2001, and left. I am now 18 years of age, and I will not reveal my current location, but any who, I am Seth Crotford, and this was my uncle's story, not my story, my uncle John Crotford's story.

These are the journal entries of John Crotford before his death in October Of 1999. I got these from his will, which it stated "You can own any documents of mine, regardless of privacy, you indeed, are my grandson." The will was written in ink on January 10, 1999. I received the journal entries this year, on the will, it said, "To Seth Crotford, my grandson, you will receive it when you are 18, when you are old enough to understand the situation." It is now 2012, and I grew the courage to show you guys these entries. These were my uncle's journals, and this is where the story begins.

Journal Entry 1: The Accident: 3:00 PM May 15, 1988 Written: April 27, 1997

Hey, my name is John, And I was born in 1972 in New Jersey, and I had a normal childhood. Several years later when I was 16, I was walking down the sidewalk, nothing special, I was a kid that went to a very good high school, which was a magnet school. I wanted to take the position of being an actor. While walking, some kids drove by with a big, blunt object and smashed into the back of my skull, knocking me onto the floor only to discover it was a baseball bat. I clenched my head, to feel blood run at the back of my head, a lot of it, I stumbled on the sidewalk to walk to the closest home of someone that I was familiar with. I stumbled to my girlfriend's house, and I knocked on the door, bleeding hard. She opened the door, shocked to find me bleeding badly, from the back of my skull, she knew some of this and some of that on medical work so she let me in. She seemed to be crying. Why was she crying? I was confused, I just met her a week ago, and we started dating, we loved each other, she let me in and started to talk. She told me that her ex-boyfriend named Jeff or something threatened her that if she doesn't leave me, he would kill her and I, saying it with a knife at her throat. I was shocked. They were aiming to kill me with that hit, but at least it didn't do any big damage to me. It just, for some reason, splintered into the flesh, not harming the skull? Her being scared and me being scared for her safety. She asked me if I could sleep over at her house to protect her. I called my parents and they said It was fine telling them that it was my friend. I got armed with weapons first. I came home after all of the stitches into my flesh, I fetched my 20 gauge shotgun, grabbed my blades, knives, etc. I was ready for this bastard to come and harm her. I wouldn't sleep. I just couldn't.

The Long Night: 10:00 PM May 15, 1988 Written: April 30, 1997

When I sat in her bedroom, talking to her about what he planned to do, she replied "He said that he would cut my fucking throat open with a knife and drink my blood." She burst into tears, while I was comforting her, we laid down together. We talked and talked about security issues, her name was Jessica. We started making out, that sort of thing, and out of nowhere, I heard glass shatter downstairs of a window.I heard loud screaming, shouting "COME OUT HERE YOU BITCH!" I armed my shotgun, walked downstairs, ready for him to come at me.

The Battle: 11:14 PM May 15, 1988 Written: May 14, 1997


I ran down, stabbed once in the throat, as another ran behind me. I dived to the left and stabbed the one behind me, I got training from my dad, a veteran. Another one to my left, I pulled out my shotgun, his stomach exploded like a water balloon, he fell on his ass, dead. I ran in the kitchen, one lunged at me with a kitchen knife, getting shot in the fucking face. I went into the backyard just to get jumped. Over 3 lunged at my sides, me diving forward. I then stood up turned around, and shot them all with my pal called 2 Gauge Shotgun. It seemed no one was left, it seemed to be empty, except that bastard Jeff. He has to be here somewhere, he's got to be.

The Encounter: 12:18 PM May 16, 1988 Written: September 17, 1997

I ran upstairs to see if he was up there and then, I heard Jessica scream at the top of her lungs. I ran in to find the most gruesome image I have ever seen, Jessica with a knife to her throat, and some creepy faced man, I assumed to be Jeff, with a white pale face, black outlines around his eyes, and a bloody smile. I was baffled on the sight I have seen, I didn't know which one was more morbid,

1. His Gruesome Face
2. The fact that she was about to be killed by this maniac.

He then said, "If you disobey any of my orders, Her throat will go SPLAT, GOT THAT!" So, I did as he said, threw my gun down, got on my knees, and bend down. I did, as he walked over and stabbed me in the back. That blade touching my skin felt like a never ending blaze of pain, as minutes turned into seconds. I looked up, to see him raping her, pulling her clothes off, beating her till the point of bruises, pulling her blonde hair. I COULDN'T LET HIM FINISH THIS! So I got up, After he pulled her bra off, her in tears, and said "Goodbye JEFF!" and shot him in the face. The sound of police sirens put a smile on our faces, and we hugged each other. It was over, it was finally over......

Our Wedding: 12:53 PM March 25, 1990 Written: December 17, 1998

It was a happy day, children threw flowers, parents cried, and happiness filled the air. It was like a true American dream. The wedding, the family, the life, the death, that's all that mattered to me. We tied the knot.......... It was great.....

The Future: 8:34 AM December 16, 1990 Written: January 19, 1999

Jessica then, gave birth to twins, we wanted to name them both, both of those boys Travis and Daniel, after my grandfather, Travis, And her grandfather, Daniel. We were happy, she was overjoyed, we finally are halfway done with the American dream. We were both happy.

The Dinner: June 6, 1996 Written: June 31, 1996( Johns' first journal entry)

Due to the occasion of our 2 boys, Travis and Daniel entering the 1st grade, both 6 years old, we went out to dinner at a really nice restaurant, and had a good time. It was calm, yet relaxing, it was pure happiness. When we came back home, to find a bunch of police cars out front, and a MORGUE TEAM? We went inside, scared and worried, what we saw in the middle of the stairway, made her and I cry. My son Travis was dead, bleeding everywhere, seemed to leave a blood trail, as if he was dragged there. By the kids room wasn't any better, My son Daniel was left in the doorway, sliced in the neck, arms sliced up, and stab marks in the stomach. Blood covered the house. My wife, Jessica, fell down, and bursts into tears, clenching me. I was sad, depressed, I soon that night went into the bedroom, and on the walls read the words, "Jeff Jeff Jeff Jeff" I Knew it was Jeff the Killer, Jessica shocked to the point of weeping. It was the end, it was over for the American dream, if it was, it would be the American nightmare. I only wrote in this journal in the first place because my psychiatrist told me to keep one, so I will keep on top of it whenever I can.

The End: October 13, 1999 Written: October 13, 1999


The model of the gun John C used to shoot himself, A Smith and Wesson Magnum Revolver

Dear world, After three years of my children's passing, my wife eventually shot herself in the temple, yesterday actually. This is my suicide note. Life, it has been a good run, I had loved it so much, I loved you mostly Jessica, you. Jessica, you were my life. Hopefully, I will see you Jessica. Hopefully, I will live eternity with you, and Travis And Daniel, I love you guys as much as your mom, and I want to hold all of you in my arms for life so, goodbye cruel world.
Sincerely, John.

A police officer's interview,"They Killed Themselves in a matter of two days, police found both the bodies of Jessica And John Crotford. They were found dead, in each others arms, both shot in the temple, presumed suicide, at the crime scene, we also found the suicide note of John Crotford. No comments."

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