What does she see with her emerald eyes?
What causes her tail to twitch and ears to prick?
What resides outside emitting obscure sounds?
Things to be heard but never found.

What does her kind sense that ours cannot?
Are they whispers of angels or demons’ thoughts?
Or is it more simple such as a rat or fox?
Or is it more sinister? I hope not.

I hope her paranoia is unfounded.
I hope her fears are not grounded.
When she alights on my window, I pray it’s for naught.
Because I see nothing, but she sees a lot.

She escaped once, hunting before dawn.
Whatever was lurking would soon be gone.
But she met her match out there in the mist.
And I miss her so, so she shall be missed.

We buried the body, a tearful affair.
She's no longer hunting, no longer scared.

Why then, has she returned?
To stand watch on the sill.
My eternal protector.
I thought you were killed.

Written by Abysmii
Content is available under CC BY-SA