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I had recently moved into a new house, by the name of I will not mention. It was on the second day that I discovered the photo album. I'm not really sure how it got there, as I remember leaving it at my old place. It was my aunt's old photo album.

She had died around a decade ago. We hadn't been close, so I was surprised that she had even left me this in her will. I thumbed through the first few pages. All the photos appeared normal, there were a few of me on a slide at a playground, one of my aunt and my mother as children and so on.

It was not until a few nights later that I looked through the album again. I had just began drinking my morning coffee when I began to browse it again, this time with more interest. That was when I noticed her. In the first photos she was far away, almost too far away to see, but I swear she hadn't been there the last time I looked.

She was only in the photos of me. As I got to the photos that were taken when I was older, she was closer. She had the same face with the same expression, and body posture in each photo.

I kept flicking through the pages; I began to get more and more freaked out. When I reached the last photo she was only a few feet behind me; she seemed to be staring right at me.

I suddenly knew what to do. I leaped up and rushed into my room. My camera was lying on my desktop table, I hadn't used it in years. I quickly took a photo of myself and printed it. That's when I saw who she was. It was my aunt, and she was right behind me.

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