I was at my home, searching old stuff around the house, but sadly I never found much, just photos from the past. I didn't give up and decided to go into my little sister's room. I remembered that she had all the tapes I used to watch when I was a baby, so I said to myself, why not?

The VHS player was pretty old so I thought it was broken at first, but I tested it and to my surprise it still worked. So I checked the tapes that were left from my childhood.

There were some about Disney classics, and a big collection of Teletubbies. I remember I used to watch them when I was like 4 or 5 years old. I saw a transparent box with a tape in it, so I opened it.

There was nothing written on it, however I noticed a ripped paper with something written on it. The letters on the paper were all deformed and in different places. I could barely read it. This is what I could understand of that paper:

"Memories can be hard if you don't believe in hell... Don't you think?"

I really didn't understand or care about it. I decided to put the tape in the player, sat on the bed and pressed play. At the start, a black screen showed up. There was music, but it seemed have sounds like internet connection noises, or dial tones or whatever. Then, the video started. It was me, being little. I was laughing and running in a little grass mountain. It was strange; I don't remember me going in a grass hill.

But again, I ignored it. At the start of it I was smiling, but in the video, I fell, and there was a loud cracking sound, as if I horribly broke something. I was scared at first, the sound was pretty loud. I thought: Its just another kid, not me.. Then, the kid got up. His head was bleeding and it actually seemed like me. I still couldn't really tell. The kid, or me, was laughing, even if this kid looked like he was bleeding to death.

He went to the hill again, but this time he intentionally threw himself again from the hill. He repeated that like 4 times. At the end, the camera zoomed in on his face. He lost his right eye and his left eye was badly red and damaged. His face... It was ripping off, his skull was wide open in one side and his brain matter was very visible. No matter how much the blood splattered or that his brain was going to roll in the ground, he laughed. The sound also changed. Like a broken music box or something. The video started to zoom in the even more kid. The sound became someone screaming and saying something about life and death. Then, the video went black.

I though it finished, but then, I saw the kid, dead in his room. The panic started to enter when I saw that the room was MY room. Red text showed up.

"Don't you think you were cute back then, kid?"

Then an image of me popped out. It had my name up there. It seemed as if someone would had written it by scratching the tape. I realized that the kid in the video was ME. The sound went back to the screaming public, who was now shouting: "DO YOU REMEMBER, DO YOU REMEMBER!?". I was so scared I fell from the bed and fainted.

I had a strange dream. It was about me, as a child watching myself. I was too weak to talk, or to move. I was just standing there, in the red mist, my child form standing in front of me. Then he got out of nowhere a knife... and he laughed. I was scared, I wanted to move, I wanted to scream, I wanted to cry, but I couldn't. He stabbed me multiple times, I still remember the pain.  The dream for me dured minutes, but were hours. Later, I woke up. My family was in a circle around me, worried for me. My mom grabbed me and she asked if I was okay. I was scared, so I just said "Yes." and nothing more.

After I went to eat, I grabbed the tape. It was different this time. Now it had something else written: It said: "Play me again, you can live with me!" I didn't care anymore, I just threw the tape out of the window and it broke. Another paper flew out, I don't know how, but it landed on my window. It said: "You don't want to? Sad. I thought we could be friends..." I filled myself with rage, and ripped of every single part of the paper.

I don't want to remember this anymore. I don't want to see a video of me torturing myself for no reason. I don't want to remember anything of this again.