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Meat hook

meat hook

“Where are we going, daddy?” said the little girl, looking up upon her father. She was around seven or eight, a little short, considering her age. She had dark brown hair that reached halfway down her back, always perfectly neat, save for when she awoke every morning. Her eyes were almond, with two brown irises.

“To an early birthday present. It may be well before your birthday, but it really can not wait any longer.” He was a tall, sinewy figure in his early forties. His dark brown hair seasoned with a dark grey. His eyes were deep set, and along with him always being tired from work, made them look very dark and shadowed. His nose was sharp, and he had tan, leathery skin.

They continued down the dark hallway, which was musty as well as stuffy. The duo continued down the dreadful hallway, the little girl following the larger figure, her body rattling with joyous anticipation.

Abruptly, the man stopped, and turned a right corner made invisible by the oppressive silent dark abyss.

At the end of the new extension, there lied a stairwell going down, and a stairwell going up. They finally approached two stairwells. They slowly descended, all the while saying absolutely nothing.

About five minutes later, they reached a set of thick iron doors.

They entered the room.

It was a large, black, concrete square of a room. It was completely empty, save for the middle. In the center of this room were a circle of generic, aged, wooden chairs. In the chairs were heaving black silhouettes.

“Is this it?” the little girl asked.

Her father replied, “Yes, but be patient. You will see what happens in just a moment. But for now, just go and make yourself comfortable in one of my special chairs.”

The little girl shrugged and skipped gleefully to the only empty chair available. She tried as one might to decipher the black shapes, but the darkness forbids her from doing so. She then took notice of a quiet sobbing that seemed to come from all around her, but it was barely audible, explaining why she had not noticed before.

She began to ask why they were so distraught, but her father gently wrapped duct tape around her mouth. She cautiously raised an arm to pry the tape away from her flesh, but suddenly the man snapped her arms and legs inward, disabling her escape.

What would have been a shriek fit to burst one’s eardrum was devoured by the stifling duct tape.

“Shh-shh-shhhh… it’s alright sweetie. It will all be over soon. No more pain. No more suffering. Won’t that be nice? Won’t that be the best birthday present ever?” the father cooed to the terrified child that he had broken. She looked at him, shaking her head in denial, her eyes screeching ‘no’.

He smiled and drowned into the darkness. The little girl took this time to decipher the withered faces about her. Though her eyes had adjusted to the gloom engulfing her, it still took a great considerable effort to make them out, but she did. Who she witnessed sent the greatest feeling of dread across her being, as she could see her mother, two brothers, her sister, her aunt, her uncle, and all four of her grandparents. None of them could bring themselves to give her any acknowledgement of her existence.

She heard the footsteps before she saw the Devil Her Father. He slinked over to her brother to her right, and jabbed several large meat hooks into the meat of his arms and upper torso; attaching the hooks to ropes that dangled dangerously from the invisible ceiling. He slowly repeated this monstrosity counter clockwise, finally reaching his terrified daughter. He paused in his tracks, peering into the depths of her soul, with just her gaze to be returned.

“I apologize if you don’t appreciate this divine gift quite yet, but don’t fret my little one. You will see the truth when this is over,” he whispered into her ear, savoring each and every last syllable savagely.

She screamed a stifled wail as she could feel the rusty meat hooks burrowing into her soft flesh, only to pop out the other side. It did not help get any better when they were tightened by the dirty and bloody ropes.

He then ripped off the tape with such a force that a piercing yelp emerged from deep within. The monster then sprinted in a clockwise fashion around the circle, while doing the same action as he went, and before she knew any better of her surrounding environment, the room was immersed in the shrieks of the desperate souls that knew they were already dead before their time to go.

He took the time they were wailing to slink off into the shadows to an invisible lever. With a downward force of his arms, the pathetic bodies were jerked upwards into the air, being suspended by the rusted meat hooks, with the entire weight of their beings pulling at the meat around the hook wounds. The shrieks and sobs only grew louder.

The people, degraded to sobbing masses, did not even notice that the man was dousing an entire can of gasoline over the wooden chairs. “Why, Daddy? Why would you DO this to us? I HATE YOU!” The little girl screeched at her sorry excuse for a father. “Don’t hate me yet, innocent one. The worst is yet to come. But so is the peace the end brings. Then you will thank me. You’ll all thank me!” The father roared at the crowd. The sobs and screams turned even more confused and wrathful.

He then thrust another lever upwards, and the dangling figures began revolving around the center of the sick circle, and the added pressure fed the shrieks. Before he set light to the inevitable inferno, he started playing the music. If the victims were not so revolved around their own emotions, pain, and suffering, they might have noticed the music being played on a loop.

Then the slobbering tongues of the licking flames erupted, setting flame first to their feet, slowly creeping up their frying flesh. As the music grew faster, so did the speed of the flaming corpses that lived. As the music slowed, so did the hurtling screaming figures.

The first to go was the little girl’s aunt. The only way possible to decipher the chi of her soul was the lack of noise booming from the depth of her lungs. When the sadistic father figure took notice of this, he jerked the revolving corpses to a halt and thrust them all into the heart of the scorching beast just long enough for somebody not to die.

The process repeated itself until at last; he had only his daughter left. He thrust the invisible contraption to a halt, but kept the music looping. He stalked over to her, the writhing creeping shadows throwing weird shapes over his furrowed features. What the little girl saw terrified her even more than anything else that had happened during her birthday experience. The only expression to be observed upon the man’s face was that of pure delight.

“It’s time, my darling. I stopped your play so that I could tell you that I love you, and that I’ll be meeting you on the other side,” he moaned into the sickening air.

He did not so much as anticipate a response before he hurtled over to the lever to resume her nauseating orbit. Though she could not see what had once been her father past her blurred vision, she heard the gunshot none the less, and the crippling sound of the body slumping to the floor. Now all she had to do was to wait for the end; an end to spend all eternity with the tortured souls, as well as her demented father.

Written by Brokenkenya
Content is available under CC BY-SA

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