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Mr Smuggler

Witnesse's sketch of the robber she saw.

He had a rather round and big nose, a small beard, and he was wearing a miniature top hat. There was no hair on top of his head, and he looked nearly inhuman. I don't have a good camera, so I do not have a photo. He stole my computer, TV, iPhone, and money, and he cut all the wires around my house, so I couldn't call the police. I was alone at home, in the evening. Suddenly I just heard my window smash and he broke in, doing what I just told you. He is still in here, but he doesn't know about me. I am writing this in case I don't survive, so that someone can find this message and save me. Please help! He is in here and he has a knife.

The police had found a note saying that on a table in a house. Next to it, there was the dead body of a woman, a knife sticking out of her neck. Before she died, the woman had sketched a picture of all the things that the robber had stolen, and most importantly, the robber himself. He looked just as she described him: A big nose, no hair, small top hat, and a small beard. Underneath, there was a caption saying "Mr. Smuggler", the name that the woman chose for the murderer. There were loads of random scribbles, notes and drawings around it, since the lady drew that in her sketch book.

I studied her notes and house carefully. The lady (let's call her Betty) was really careful about everything she owned. It said her name at least somewhere on every item she owned. The plant pots, the spoons, the books, even the napkins all said "property of Betty" on them somewhere. That was a very big clue, and it could definitely help me to crack the case of Mr. Smuggler. I just had to hope that he wouldn't strike again, and he would just make things easier for me.

Wednesday, 11th May

Mr. Smuggler strikes again.

Someone had called the police reporting that their wife had a knife thrown at her, and that she took a photo of a weird man dressed in green. The report also said that the green man was taking their most valuable belongings. The sound that followed the tape was a simple BANG! And the phone went dead. Mr. Smuggler had gone too far there. Two robberies and three victims in two days. I am still after him.

Thursday, 12th May

The search for Mr. Smuggler continues. No success for me today.

Friday, 13th May

Friday 13th. An unlucky date. That also effected my crime solving. My uncle was found dead in his kitchen, his microwave, books and chairs missing. Any person who used common sense would easily work out that that was Mr. Smugglers work. Now I was furious. But what I didn't know was that soon things would get a whole lot worse.

Saturday, 14th May

Finally, luck was on my side!

Today I saw a man through the window, watching TV. I looked closer. I couldn't believe what I saw. On the corner of the TV, in tiny writing it said:

"Property of Betty"

I politely knocked on the door, my handcuffs ready. The man got up and opened it for me.

"Hello," I said to him. "Is that TV that you are watching new, sir?"

The man looked worried.

"Ummm, yes. I got it yesterday," he exclaimed.

I looked at him in disbelief.

"Oh really? Don't you mean, I STOLE it yesterday?" I asked him.

The man looked confused.

"Ummm, what do you mean sir?" he asked worriedly.

"Okay then. Do you maybe happen to work with this person?" I held up the sketch of Mr. Smuggler in front of his fat face.

The man looked at me.

"That guy that robbed those houses? No way! I got the TV from Asda yesterday!" The man said. I didn't believe him, so I arrested him.

Sunday, 15th May

The man was in prison by today. First I actually felt quite proud of myself, but then I worked out I did the wrong thing. If he DID buy the TV from Asda, then Mr. Smuggler should probably be working in one, or in charge of a black market. He steals things, delivers them to his shop, and when people who go to the black market buy things from there, they sell them to shops for a load of cash they steal to shops, so that other people who buy them get the blame.

I was going to tell the police about the false arrest, but I heard a voice behind me say: "Nice explanation there, chum. Sadly, you won't live up to letting the world know about it!" I turned around. It was Mr. Smuggler, and he was holding a knife. I was about to run, but he plunged it into my chest, and the world went black.

So you thought that buying things is safe. Are you sure?