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My wife and I went on vacation with another couple to the Bridger-Teton National forest in WY. We flew to Salt Lake and rented a car. We were gonna drive from there about eight hours to a trail we were gonna hike for four–five days depending on how the trail was and our supplies held up.

They are big outdoors people and do these types of trips yearly. A friend calls my buddy and says we have to go by Yellow Stone National forest since we are so close. We all agree that we have half a day to spare for a detour and head north to Yellow Stone. 

Yellow Stone is great and more than we expected and we end up spending most of the day there. That evening we decide we are gonna drive to the trail head and either sleep in our hammocks or the back of the SUV and get an early start the next morning. The girls are tired and half sleeping in the backseat as we push on what we think is a shortcut out some deserted roads. 

It gets to be around 2 am and we are not sure we are on the right road or where we are exactly. My friend driving begins to complain he is sleepy and the girls chime up from the back when they hear this, telling us to stop and lets get a hotel and continue the next day. 

We agree the next hotel we come upon we will stop at for the evening so everyone is well rested for the hike in the next morning. Even though we agreed to these terms me nor my friend driving expected to find any sort of place to sleep in the middle of nowhere. 

Well, as we continue out this deserted road, low and behold a large light can be seen up ahead that says "MOTEL" in this cheesy fluorescent red. My friend driving instantly says, "Found one!" and the girls in the backseat begin to move around and wake from there sleep. As we come up on the hotel I feel a sense of dread. The place is painted an off faded yellow/orange and looks extremely run down. 

Being put off by the site of the place my friend barely pulls off the road into the gravels of the parking lot staying parallel with the road. He looks at me and says, "What do you think?"

I respond with a, "Oh, hell no," which is quickly contested by the females in the car. Being the giant pussies we are, we of course let the ladies decide for us, that this is where we are staying. 

There are a couple cars in the parking lot and no lights on in any rooms and the only light period appears to be coming from the back of the place. The place is straight from a horror movie where they rape you and film it right after you find out the whole little town including the police are in on this sick fetish of raping and killing travelers. 

My wife looks at me and says, "Honey, go see if anyone is in the office."

I quickly grab my balls that I had temporarily misplaced and head for the pitch black office. I am unsettled but I am not gonna look like a giant chicken in front of my smoking hot wife. I knock on the door to the attendants office and ring the bell but to my relief no one comes to the door and it is locked. 

I glance around in a half ass attempt to see any other doors and return to the car and inform them that the attendant is either sleeping in a room or passed out drunk because I would have woken him up with my banging if he was in the office. 

My friend's wife who is a little head strong jumps out of the SUV and says, "I'll find them!" and begins tromping off in the direction of the hotel. I trail after her assuring her that there is no one in the front office. She does not bother to humor me with a response but heads straight for the back of the building where the light can be seen.

As we round the corner of the building I am only a few steps behind her and to my surprise I see a Hotel door open with the lights on and shining out into the dark. She begins marching in the direction and I quickly catch up to her side.

She gets there maybe a half second before I do and lets out a "Oh! SHIT!" I hear just as I can see in the room. She immediately bolts and I stand there in shock looking at a room that appears to be a murder scene. 

The room is completely destroyed. Bed flipped over, at an impossible angle and blood is spattered on everything. It looked like there was about three times as much furniture in the room that belonged there because the very back of the room was not visible due to the bed being flipped over and leaning against a wall. I stood there for what seemed like forever getting a mental picture of this room and in shock. I survey everything and see the blood is red and appears wet and not brown. I realize this scene is semi-fresh and we could be in real danger.

I bolt back towards the car which is maybe 40 yards and I am hitting it like I am running a dash for the NFL Draft Combine. I see my friends wife up ahead running faster than she knew she could and I am quickly closing distance.I know any second a crazed redneck with a shotgun and a hard is going to appear. To my relief I make it back to SUV and hop in and we immediately speed away slinging gravels. I guess my friend could tell by the look on our faces it was a "ask questions later" type of situation. 

We explained to them what happened and we contemplate on calling the police but no one has cell phone service. We continue driving most of the night never finding a place to stop but arriving at our destination nonetheless. We are now In the middle of no where in WY and no one has service and convince ourselves it must have been paint and maybe a storage room and continue with the planned hike. 

I however saw it, and it was blood and organic matter and I will never forget that image. I have no idea what happened and do not really want to know. I had nightmares for a while of reliving the scene and I am just standing there looking at it. It is the little details that make it terrible in my mind. Like the phone being covered in blood and ripped from the base laying on the floor.

I have like a mental snap shot of that which I can see clearly in my head and I do not think I will ever be able to forget it. I also have guilt about not calling the police or investigating to see if I could help a victim. I am the type of guy who would normally look to help in a situation where I thought someone was injured. i.e. I always stop and apply first aid at car wrecks if I am the first one there (Has only happened a couple times).

That day I did not. It seemed dangerous. Everything in me was screaming, "You are gonna die!"

I bolted and I have to live with guilt someone might have died because I left and did nothing. I was in the army, was a certified combat life saver( Which means I have advanced first aid training). I am a big dude and have trained martial arts on and off my whole life. But I still ran like a girl.

Well that is my story. That took longer to tell then I had expected. Sorry for the wordiness.  (FYI, not my story, copypasta from an MMA message board in a thread about scary stories)


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