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I'm not sure who was the first to tell this story. It's always been one of those stories you tell at sleepovers and has been passed around so many times that no one knows who came up with it.

The Story

Porcelain doll

Jenny loved to collect dolls. Every year for her birthday or for Christmas she would get a new doll. One day in June, she saw a beautiful doll for sale in the antique shop. It had red hair, pale skin, and emerald green eyes. It was only €20. She was saving up for a new phone at the time, so she used the money to buy the doll instead.

When she went into the shop to buy the doll, the man working at the till kept asking her if she was sure that she wanted to buy the doll. When he finally gave her the doll, she was also given and piece of paper with the word, “Instructions” written on top. “Make sure you always do what the instructions say,” he said to Jenny before she left.

Here’s what the instructions said:

1. Bring Molly with you to bed

2. Never leave Molly by herself

The rest of the instructions were smudged and unreadable.

Jenny followed the few instructions. She always brought Molly to bed, and made sure when she went to school that she was beside her other dolls. One night, her parents went out to her cousin’s engagement party. Her brother Sean was left to look after her. Sean thought that because she was ten, it would be okay if he went to a friend’s house while his parents were gone.

He told Jenny he would be back around ten o’clock. Jenny brushed all her dolls’ hairs, watched television and read. When it finally reached ten o’clock, she was bored and tired. By half ten, she was falling asleep on the couch. She decided to go to bed.

Jenny was so tired that she forgot to bring Molly to bed with her. She had left her on the couch. At around eleven, her phone rang.

“Hello?” she said, yawning.

“Jenny. I’m on the first stair!” a manic voice said.

“Sean? Is that you?”.

The line went dead. She heard footsteps. The phone rang again.

“Jenny. I’m halfway up the stairs!” the voice said madly.

“Sean! This isn’t funny!” she shouted before the line went dead again.

“I’m at the top of the stairs!” said the voice the next time the phone rang.

Jenny hung up, sure it was her brother messing with her. Then, a voice from outside her room said, “I’m outside your door!”.

She hid under her duvet. The door opened.

“I’m in your room!” said the voice, very close now.

“Jenny! I’m beside your bed!”.

“Jenny! Now you’re DEAD!” Molly the doll pulled back the duvet and stabbed her to death.

She waited for Jenny’s family to get home, and then she murdered them too. The man who worked at the till the day Molly bought the doll arrived at the house and took Molly away. He now travels around selling the doll again. And again. And again.

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