"I only wanted dollies," the girl said, staring at the white wall in front of her. She hated the eerie silence of the asylum at night. She heard the loud squeaky pop of porcelain limbs clashing together and she laid perfectly still. She stared at the wall with wide blue eyes as the sound got louder.

"Molly. Come play with your dollies."

"I d-don't wanna play with you!" She covered her ears but could still hear the whispers. She saw silhouettes of three dolls in the corner and she closed her eyes tight.

"Molly...don't do that! Don't close your eyes, Molly!" She could feel something warm come near her and she whimpered.

"Don't hurt me! I just wanted to play!" A hand touched her shoulder and she screamed, opening her eyes to see a nurse.

"Are you okay, sweetie?"

"N-no...I saw them."

"No one's in here but you and me."

"B-but I saw them! They were over there!" She pointed to the corner on the other side of the room. The nurse rolled her eyes and sighed.

"No one's there, Molly. Go on to sleep. I'll come back in a few minutes, okay?" The girl nodded and watched as the nurse left. She laid down and stared at the ceiling before feeling something on her bed.

"Molly, don't you wanna play?" She slowly moved her eyes to the edge of her bed, seeing three dolls sitting there, staring at her with dull glass eyes. She looked back at the ceiling and closed her eyes. "Molly, don't close your eyes!" She felt something bigger than one of the dolls, slowly crawling up to her. She looked and saw the dolls, all human-sized, two at the foot of her bed, staring, and the other at her side.

"Please, leave."

"Molly...I thought we were friends. Don't hurt our feelings like this." The girl closed her eyes again and tried to sleep, tried to forget about her old toys. "Molly." She opened her eyes to see one doll straddling her and grinning, showing off razor-sharp teeth. Molly began to cry as the other two dolls got closer.

"Leave me alone," the girl whispered.

"You don't want to play with us anymore?"

"N-no!" she heard a low growl come from one of the dolls and she began to shake, "Please leave me alone."

"If you want us to go know what you have to do," a different doll said, touching the girl's face. "Do it, Molly."

"Do it, Molly..." They watched as the child covered her eyes with her hands and they all softly kissed her forehead. The child screamed as the nurse opened the door.

"Molly, no!" The girl looked at her, she'd scratched out her own eyes.

"Now I can't see them."