Before Mirror
There have been legends of mirrors having strange properties since the beginning of history, from Bloody Mary to the power to fend off vampires. Here's a new one for your books though. Maybe you've heard of it or even tried it; I can't be too sure it's completely new.

Just as a disclaimer, you should probably try this in broad daylight with someone watching you, just in case. I've never been to the point where anything bad happens, but I don't want to be held accountable if anything does. Trying this at night or alone would definitely freak me out too, so I would advise against it, just in case. My friend and I have both tried this and confirmed it to have a strange effect, but it may not work on everyone.

First, look into a mirror. Any mirror will do. Stare at yourself for a little bit, then start telling yourself your name. Repeat the sentence "my name is (your name)" over and over again. Eventually you will start to feel detached. Every time you repeat the sentence, you will feel more like somebody else, and less like you. Like the real you is inside of the mirror, and the you that is really you is not you.

I've never gone far enough for anything completely strange to happen, and neither has Taylor... But the sheer fact that it happens is enough.

Just remember to follow the disclaimer, and keep in mind all the strange theories behind mirrors.