Mirrors. That one word sends shivers down my spine. This is a story that changed my opinion of mirrors... You may not believe what I'm about to tell you, but it's a true story, and would be horrifying if you were in my shoes at that moment.

I was sitting at home on a winter day on December 20th. No one was home except me. I was sitting in the living room when I heard a crash from upstairs.

I put my book carefully on the oval, glass coffee table. "HELLO?" I had called out knowing no one was going to answer, and feeling like an idiot when I had gotten no response. I was shaking as I slowly made my way up the creaking staircase. "Hello?" I said quietly, more to myself than anyone else.

A door was lying on the floor. My eyes widened in horror because it was the bathroom door. How am I gonna use the bathroom now? I asked myself. I carefully stepped over the door and went straight into the bathroom. I didn't bother to turn on the lights. I stared around the bathroom. Nothing was messed up, so I turned to leave.

But something in the mirror caught my eye. I looked very closely at it, and noticed that there was an oval shaped mirror behind me as well.

So I turned around, but there was no mirror behind me. When I looked back at the mirror in front of me, I saw a girl my age staring back at me. Except she had blonde hair stuck to her face, with the creepiest grin on her lips.

"Mirror mirror, on this wall. Who'll be the next one in this room to fall? Mirror mirror, who? Is it you?!" She sang in a raspy voice and pointed at me. I screamed loudly, then ran out of the bathroom and went running down the steps. And guess what happened? I fell down the damn stairs, but I wasn't injured badly. My head hit the ground very hard, but I really didn't give a shit.

I ran outside the house screaming my head off. I yelled what I had seen in the mirror. But, of course, no one believed little kids so I threw a tantrum and yelled at all the people who passed by, who looked at me like I was a crazy bitch, which I was starting to believe.

So, I sat outside on the ground until my parents came home. That was the last time I dared go into that bathroom.

If I saw that girl again, I might have fallen down the steps... again.