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When I was young, 7th grade to be exact, there was a kid in some of my classes named Marshall F. (Abbreviated for privacy reasons.)

He was a....weird kid. He never talked to anyone, he didn't have any friends, come to think of it, all I ever saw him do in class was work and pay attention to the teachers. He usually wore a T-shirt, black vinyl-ish sweat pants, and a black hoodie. I'd always see lunch....after lunch we would always have some free time, and I would always see him in the field...just....sitting.

I remember once, I was walking home, and I saw him walking ahead of me. "HEY, MARSHALL!" I remember yelling, "You need a ride?" he looked back at me, it was nighttime, so I couldn't see his face but he...started running. I decided that this boy needed a friend, so I started running after him.

As I was running, images flashed before my very eyes, images of the dead, everyone I knew, they were...melting, squirting blood, evaporating, burning to ash and descending underground. He kept running, faster, faster, faster. I saw him behind me, and in front of me, then he was gone. I never saw him again for the rest of my life, until today. I found a two things under my pillow, a picture of him as a child, grinning, covered in blood, and a note. It said something in Italian. I used google translate and it loosely translated to: "you and she were the only ones who cared. You two will survive the end."

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