A deserted mining town

It all started a year ago when I woke up late during a school day.

I figured I couldn't make it in time if I used the usual way so I took the shortcut through the woods. Nobody likes to go to the woods because of the supposedly strange activity going on there but I'd do anything to escape another detention.

It was 8:40 AM and I only had another twenty minutes to get to school. I went the wrong way and took the route to the old deserted town of Marrysville. After walking through the empty town, I finally began to think I was lost.

As I was walking... I saw eyes from the windows of the old buildings that lit up and followed me. I was spooked and quickly ran to the old farmhouse.

I sat down on the haystack and thought to myself, "How am I ever going to get out of here?"

Suddenly... the walls started dripping with blood and the smell of rotting flesh began to fill the air. I quickly ran outside and I saw the former residents of Marrysville. They were all carrying out their duties normally as if they were unaware of my presence. Then some trucks started pulling up at the entrace of the old town.

Some German soldiers stepped out of the truck and started warning the residents to get out. The residents refused. The soldiers started opening fire at the residents as I watched them flee and scream. Innocent blood was spilled and the soldiers burned down the buildings. I was shocked beyond belief and tried to run out of town. I thought all this was real until I suddenly ran through a German soldier.

"These people aren't real!" I said to myself. I quickly exited the woods and ran back home.

At home, I explained my experience to my family members. My dad went up into the attic and brought down a big book. He swatted away the dust and cobwebs and opened it.

"Marrysville used to be a thriving tin mining town and also the home to several refugees of war until the Germans became aware of the refugees hideout. They slaughtered all the residents of Marrysville and burned down the buildings. No survivors were found that day... about three-hundred-and-fifty people lost their lives. Several witnesses who walked into the town claimed to have seen the history repeat itself."

To this day... this phenomena will continue to repeat its tragic story to any passers-by who might accidentally stumble upon the deserted mining town of Marrysville!