AIM Instant Messenger Chat Log: 05/15/2010

(8:02PM) marcoc209 logged in

marcoc209: cam
marcoc209: dude

(8:04PM) yaboicameron logged in

Whats up

i gotta tell u some shit
marcoc209: i fucked up

yaboicameron: lol wtf do you mean?
yaboicameron: how?

i dont even know how to say it
marcoc209: lets hangout dude i need to talk

yaboicameron: nahh dude i cant
yaboicameron: im watching my little sister 2nite

marcoc209: fuck that lets hang

yaboicameron: i cant
yaboicameron: srs what happened tho?

marcoc209: i saw somebody die

yaboicameron: wtf

marcoc209: no lie

yaboicameron: what are you talking about man

marcoc209: someone got killed
marcoc209: and i saw it

yaboicameron: lol nigga u stoopid

marcoc209: this aint a joke cameron
marcoc209: please can we just hang

yaboicameron: man hold on with that
yaboicameron: imma call my mom
yaboicameron: 2 see wen she finna get home

marcoc209: i dont feel right
marcoc209: i threw up and shit

yaboicameron: my mom says she gonna b home in like an hour
yaboicameron: and damn dude thats fuked up

k come right now
marcoc209: nvm
marcoc209: ill pick you up

yaboicameron: dude srs just wait an hour
yaboicameron: i dont need my mom bitching @ me
yaboicameron: + fuck this neightborhood its late rn.
yaboicameron: not tryna get my shit taken :o

marcoc209: ite man

but lets talk rn before u swoop

marcoc209: k sounds good fam

yaboicameron: you cant just gloss over that shit man
yaboicameron: what happened?

marcoc209: dude i dont wanna say on here

yaboicameron: fuck that
yaboicameron: you cant be like that

marcoc209: swear to god you not gonna tell anybody
marcoc209: and u better delete this shit wen were done talking

yaboicameron: come on dude XD

(8:09PM) marcoc209 signed off

yaboicameron: yo i aint gonna tell anybody u no tht
yaboicameron: punk ass XD

(8:11PM) marcoc209 logged in

marcoc209: swear to god

yaboicameron: smh nigga i swear to god

marcoc209: pauls a fuckin idiot dude

yaboicameron: lol ik
yaboicameron: but y u say tht

marcoc209: he fucked up big timne

yaboicameron: you guys hit another lick or what

marcoc209: yah dude, shit went bad tho

yaboicameron: oh shit
yaboicameron: you guys fn popped someone?

not m
marcoc209: *me
marcoc209: paul got all shook, and pulled one off on some girl dude

yaboicameron: man if this is a joke im not gonna forgive u dude. fr...

marcoc209: fuk u man this shit real

yaboicameron: when?

marcoc209: couple hours ago
marcoc209: he shot her in the head and then we dipped
marcoc209: we split up and he aint called me yet or anything

yaboicameron: did anyone see?

marcoc209: no way
marcoc209: we planned it rite
marcoc209: this chick was way out in the sticks
marcoc209: n she lived alone

yaboicameron: then why the fuck did that fool hit her?

marcoc209: she started screaming

yaboicameron: so what
yaboicameron: thats hella stupid fool
yaboicameron: i mean youre out in the woods right?

marcoc209: idk tho man
marcoc209: it wasnt a scream like she was scared

yaboicameron: what do u mean

marcoc209: she screamed like she was hella mad or something, like louder than i ever heard anybody scream, u no?

yaboicameron: so what dude
yaboicameron: ud prob scream too if a nigga was up in your spot

marcoc209: i no
marcoc209: im not really explaining it rite tho

what do u mean

like im reading it rn and it doesnt sound all that freaky
marcoc209: but wen i was there it was all fucked dude
marcoc209: no lie i was hella scared

yaboicameron: you thought she was gonna pounce on u or wat?
yaboicameron: XD
yaboicameron: XD

marcoc209: yeah

yaboicameron: nuh uh fool
yaboicameron: theres no way she wasnt hella scared...
yaboicameron: with two grown ass men posted in her house and shit

she wasnt even trippin on it fool
marcoc209: she ran up on paul
marcoc209: thats y he shot her

yaboicameron: what?
yaboicameron: she tried to smack him?

marcoc209: im saying dude
marcoc209: that bitch wasnt rite in the head
marcoc209: she saw pauls .45
marcoc209: he pointed it rite at her

yaboicameron: and she didnt stop??

marcoc209: not even a flinch dude
marcoc209: she just kept going

yaboicameron: what the fuck

marcoc209: paul shot her and she dropped
marcoc209: then she started making some weird ass noises
marcoc209: i dont think she was dead

yaboicameron: noise?
yaboicameron: like what?

marcoc209: like hissing
marcoc209: or growling or some shit

yaboicameron: man ur fukin tripping on some shit fool

marcoc209: fuk u cam
marcoc209: im serious

yaboicameron: ur really not kidding?
yaboicameron: cuz srs u fuk around 2 much

marcoc209: im not fukin lying
marcoc209: after paul shot her the house was quiet af
marcoc209: i felt sick man
marcoc209: me n paul broke into a few houses b4 but we aint never had some shit like this
marcoc209: i never thot id be around a murder or anything man

yaboicameron: yah wtf

marcoc209: ne ways the house was hella quiet and me n paul just stared at eachother for a long ass time
marcoc209: hella shit was going thru my mind
marcoc209: like am i gonna do time 4 this and all that shit
marcoc209: then super quiet i hear this raspy ass breathing
marcoc209: me and paul look at the chick and its her making the noise


me and paul look at eachother for awile and i could tell he wanted 2 pop her again
marcoc209: i looked at him like no and shook my head 
marcoc209: then her breathing got way louder
marcoc209: and like way deep and raspy
marcoc209: then i look at paul but hes just staring at her
marcoc209: and then she starts moving
marcoc209: like barely i can see her hair moving just a lil bit
marcoc209: her breathing is like really loud now then she starts moving even more
marcoc209: i yell at paul YO MAN DO SOMETHING
marcoc209: so he pulls out his gun and he shoots her in the head again
marcoc209: she drops her head for a second but then she screams just like she did the first time
marcoc209: super loud it made me jump

yaboicameron: wtf man no way

marcoc209: she starts tryna get up off the ground
marcoc209: paul emptys it on her but she still getting up
marcoc209: it didnt even phase her dude

yaboicameron: she got all the way up?

marcoc209: idk
marcoc209: after he shot her the 4th time i ran out of there
marcoc209: even tho i was getting farhter away her screaming got even louder and louder
marcoc209: finally i run out her front door
and paul is like rite behind me and we jump in his car
marcoc209: i aint never seen shit like thta so i threw up
marcoc209: paul hella freaked n he pulls over and kicks me out the ride

the fuck man
yaboicameron: that aint rite

marcoc209: i no. i walked all the way home from the woods and shit dude
marcoc209: soon as i got home i hit you up. i dont know what to make of all this
marcoc209: paul gots a .45 that shit shoulda dropped that bitch man

yaboicameron: idk wat 2 think either
yaboicameron: at least u home n its over tho

marcoc209: what the fuck man
marcoc209: turn on the news

yaboicameron: what channklr

marcoc209: 5

yaboicameron: *channel

marcoc209: channel 5

yaboicameron: what is this

marcoc209: cam is that pauls house or what?

lol no way dude come on
yaboicameron: what the hell dude maybe
yaboicameron: wtf man do u think he killed himself or something?

(8:24PM) marcoc209 signed off

yaboicameron: ayy whered you go
yaboicameron: fam
yaboicameron: ?

(8:30PM) yaboicameron signed off

(8:43PM) marcoc209 logged in

marcoc209: im not gonnna front im kinda losing my shit rn

(8:44PM) yaboicameron logged in

yaboicameron: man wtf u scared me
yaboicameron: im coming over rn

marcoc209: legit
marcoc209: bring your piece fool

yaboicameron: omw

marcoc209: hurry

(8:46PM) yaboicameron signed off

(8:58PM) yaboicameron logged in

yaboicameron: here
yaboicameron: answer the door
yaboicameron: im here man
yaboicameron: ayy call me a punk but im callin the cops if u dnt fn answer dude
yaboicameron: marco im serious

(9:06PM) yaboicameron signed off

Stockton, CA Emergency Services Call Log: 9:08PM 05/15/10

Dispatcher: 911, what's your emergency?

Cameron: Man, I need someone to come out here and check up on my friend, he's not answering the door.

Dispatcher: Okay, well did he make any indication that he was going to harm himself or anything?

No, nothing like that, but my other friend Paul died today, and it was on the news and shit. Marco got all bugged out on it, and they thought he was coming for him too. I came through to make sure he was okay, and he's not answering me. He knew I was coming by, he should be answering the door.

Dispatcher: All right, well the police are on the way.

-Caller ends phone call 9:09PM

Channel 5 10 O'Clock News Closed Captions:

Reporter: The police are at the scene of yet another gruesome murder of a local Stockton resident. The victim is pronounced to be 19-year old Marco Cisneros. Police have not yet announced a suspect, but have stated that the murder is possibly linked to the murder of Paul Munoz earlier today.

Officer: As of this time we are not sure of whom may have done this, but we do suspect that it could be related to Paul Munoz's death. Both victims are around the same age, and they were known to be in contact with eachother. Like the Paul Munoz case, there are no signs of forced entry, and the grizzly nature of the wounds are consistent with each other. Certainly it is a cause for concern that the same person may be responsible for the death of both victims, so we are really doing our part to get this all sorted out as quickly as possible.

Reporter: Cameron, a close friend of the victim, had this to say:

"Yo, I don't know what happened. I was talking to him, and he was saying all this stuff about how he's worried someone's coming for him, so I came out here. When I got here he wasn't answering the door or messaging me back."