In an unidentified, abandoned ghost town in Morocco, there lived a woman named Maradit. Her rough translation is Meredith. She is known to be seen in mirrors.

Meredith died after evading law officials and crashing into a glass shield outside a fine shop. The manager walked outside and got his workers to hide the body, to avoid investigation.

Apparently, they dumped her body off in the sea, a few miles south of Casablanca, the town she was in has been abandoned for years.

She is known to haunt the beaches and deserts. She's even been sighted in places such as Rabat and even Algiers and even as far as Tunisia and Spain.

The police vehicles broke down before they could get there and they would have given up the search, Meredith knows this. The Manager was found brutally beaten to a pulp in his own residential apartment.

It is said that he was washing his hands when a neighbour heard rough banging, as loud as an Elephant stomping. The neighbour found the door barricaded. Ever since then, that room has been abandoned, but unfortunately she still haunts around there. The neighbour was eventually evicted by his landlord after saying what he saw.

If you live in anywhere near Spain, Portugal, Algeria and such and even France, be cautious because Meredith could be in your mirror. No-one has lived to tell the tale after being stricken by her poisonous blow, you will be paralyzed and die as the Brain stem is poisoned.

Though you can see her in the corner, legend says that if you poke her in the mirror she will
snap your finger, kiss it or eat it. If she kisses it, you are known to be eternally fortunate.

Though sometimes you might know she's near when you hear clanks in your mirror, excessive damage
or even the occasional tap drip. You can even put your hand and feel her bumping against it.

Be wary of Meredith.

Another version of her is known as Makhael or Michael or Mikhael in Russia, where a man will either squeeze your finger, or kiss it (If you're a female) because Michael was a gentleman, or he'd poison it if you weren't good in a year, it is used to scare children. He used to be a murderer, but was forgiven by his family and realized he had made his mistakes and committed suicide.

There are many words to describe Mikhael and Maradit. Mikhael is more of a boogeyman, he had a different sort of story. Mikhael is used to scare children. Maradit is more of a Zombie sort of figure, or a haunter.