A distant memory of records lost,
Lies forsaken, forgotten,
like the malefic garments I had tossed,
to leave it there forsaken.

To spend the life in obedience,
to primordial powers that held me fast.
Indulging myself with Virtues and patience,
How little time it was to last!

For the malefic garments left in the throng,
among the useless and abandoned haze,
Abandoning them had proven me wrong,
For the flames of hatred is set ablaze!

Time spent in world ephemeral,
Saw to that everything lies extreme,
Virtues failed, resorts to tactics feral,
Let alone in my endless dream!

For Virtues have only feigned ignorance,
While through Hell’s garments hath reveal
Desires gained in fiery brilliance,
That even Night cannot conceal!

Night endowed with fortitude,
To hide the Flames in ethereal light,
Flame has shown quite an attitude
though Night had clearly won the fight.

So now I lay, reduced to ashes.
A hand reaches out though blind,
Weary body, after a thousand clashes,
And finally darkness clouds my mind.

Written by MonochromeSaya96
Content is available under CC BY-SA