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The following journals were writen by Derek, age 11.

October 31st, 1992

It's Halloween, but I'm not feeling too good. Tarissa pranked me last night and I really wish she hadn't. I heard a loud banging that night while I was asleep, dreaming about this girl in my art class.

My door was open and I didn't see anyone out from the corner of my eye. I wasn't as disturbed until my closet door swung open revealing a shadowed figure. That alone sent shivers down my spine and I screamed in utter terror.

My mother wasn't too happy with Tarissa the next morning. I told her she shouldn't be allowed to go trick or treating with us. Too bad she didn't agree.

Right now I'm gathering my treat bag and installing those fake teeth for my vampire suit. If it hadn't been for last night, I would have picked something less to the degree of frightening. But it was only for one night.

November 1st, 1992

I got lots of candy last night! Mother had to pick through but at least she didn't go eating any of it without asking. After we went treating last night, Mother made us a home made chilli with lots of vegetables. I didn't feel like eating it but I did. It's not her chilli or anything, it's just that I was too full of candy!

My tummy has been starting to bug me since I got up this morning. Mom believes it was from all that candy so she insisted on hiding it for a couple of days. Before handing the bag over, I took a scoop full out and hid it under my pillow; just in case I needed a late night snack. Mom didn't have me go to school today because of my illness. But apparently Tarissa has been acting the same.

November 3rd, 1992

It's been 3 days since my tummy ache and it's still here! It comes and goes, but I'm starting to really hate all the homework my friends are bringing me. Tarissa told me another story when we sat on the couch. Told me of a recent suicide event. It made me too sick to my stomach so I vomited everywhere.

November 5th, 1992

No more candy for me, I can't take it anymore. This stomach pain just won't go away and nothing is working. Mom and Dad still think it's just the candy but I haven't had it in days since I ran out. We've just been munching on left overs. Mom doesn't like waste.

I've got a hot pad on my belly, a blanket around my body, a pillow behind my head and sister at my feet, just as miserable and just as ill. I've been asking mother to please make this go away, make it all go away, but she says time will heal. I even begged God.

November 5th, 1992

Bad news. Tarissa died today. I didn't mean to make her laugh so hard. She just collapsed and didn't wake up! We are at the hospital now. I miss you, Tari! Why?? I didn't mean to take your diary and try to flush it down the toilet.. I didn't mean to bury your favorite doll outside and say the aliens go it. I miss you, my sister.

The following morning, Derek was found collapsed outside on the porch. He was found to be dead at the scene. His insides had appeared to be rotting from the inside out.


Not many miles away, a man was found without his legs and arms with clumps of fur and blood at his mouth. His body was an unnatural grey with yellowed eyes. Animal carcases had been strewn everywhere, their rotting bodies limbless and decrepit. Too many days later, a positive test ran on several packages of meat sent to a local store. Only, the virus was unknown.

The son of the man, whom had died had proceeded to use what was left of the animals that hadn't been tampered with in his butcher shop.

You figure the rest.

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