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Dear Diary,

It was in the news. This latest killing has terrified everyone, and it's the most gruesome so far. The victim, an eleven-year-old girl, had her limbs twisted off and her stomach ripped open, before her head was smashed in.

And apparently the killer was seen right after the girl's death, as she wrote the word MAD on the wall in the girl's blood. It was obvious she was being interrupted, and she wasn't done writing nonsense on the wall.

The murderer was recognized-she is a sixteen-year-old girl with long, dark brown hair and blue eyes. Her parents are so ashamed and angry, that they're providing the police with the information they need. They are idiots.

They know they'll be next. And even then, they told the police everything. I don't think that was very smart. The worst thing is that I know that after them, I'll be next. I can just feel it. Everybody who needs to die will die. And after I die, she will never kill again. The murderer's reign of terror will end just like that, and the police will remain baffled.

But maybe not. The girl might not stop. And I might not be killed.

'Cause right now, I'm not feeling very suicidal. I've gotta think about it. You should, too. You might not have much time left.


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