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1st Sin: Luxuria

She could smell much more than the wisps of smoke off his cigarette. She could smell his weakness, his nature's frailty, his hunger, and his flesh and blood. She smiled as she laced up her thigh-length boots and straightened her almost nonexistent skirt. Her hunger, much more pressing, much more grim, would be satisfied too.

Gary drove down the highway that was lit by traffic lights and the signs of clubs and bars. He couldn't find a single strip club good enough for him, and it was irritating. At his hometown, where he would go back to when summer was over, the girls were actually good at their jobs. Now he was stuck horny and single. He drove by a hotel, getting out of his car and taking his wallet and keys with him. Then he stopped. Partially obscured by one wall was the sexiest woman he'd ever seen. Tiny skirt, bikini top, high boots, long, shiny blonde hair... Somehow she was everything he daydreamed about in a woman. Her green eyes glimmered playfully.

"What'cha doing out here?" Gary asked, approaching her.

"Waiting for my date," she said. Gary's face fell.

"You have a date?" he said, disappointed.

"I do now," she said flirtatiously, standing closer to him.

"I live in this hotel. I'm Lexi, by the way." "Gary," he said, opening the door for Lexi as everyone in the hotel stared at her.

Lexi stood so close to Gary in the elevator. Since there was an elevator camera, they both limited themselves to holding hands. Her apartment, 3-C, was small but fairly clean, and it smelled of citrus cleaner. Lexi said that the door against the corner was to the bedroom.

"I'm gonna leave you and your boner in here while I get ready," she said. As she walked to the door, she swiftly kicked what may have been a finger back under the couch. Gary never saw.

When Gary finally entered the bedroom, Lexi wore nothing but a black lacy see-through set of lingerie, and she sat on the edge of her bed.

Oh, man, Gary thought as he sat down next to her.

She wrapped her arms around him, and as they kissed, his tongue found something sharp descending from her gums. He only stopped to think about it when they nicked his tongue. "Ow," he said, pulling away. He tasted blood. A lot of it.

"One second," he said.

"I have to use a mirror." As he tried to pull away, he felt ten sharp points dig into his naked back and neck. They were Lexi's fingernails. "What the fuck?" he said. She smiled, a strange reddish-purple light coming from behind her eyes. She kissed him again, and he felt her suck the blood from inside his mouth. He was getting scared. She moved her mouth from his to his neck, and he howled with pain as her tongue flicked away some of the skin. She licked the shreds of skin away, taking some blood with it.

"Keep quiet or the other six Sins will hear," she murmured as she picked bits of skin away and ate them. "They'll all want in on it. Your flesh, I mean. Your weak, tempted, delicious, sinful flesh." He screamed again as her fingernails dug into his back again, taking away tiny pieces of raw meat. She put them one by one into her mouth and chewed them, and then sucked the drips of blood from her fingers. "Temptation can be a hard thing to cope with," she said, "but I think you won't have a problem with that after this." She laughed. "Who am I kidding? You won't survive this." Her teeth, fully sharp now, sank into his shoulder as Lust, the first of the deadly sins herself, began to eat Gary alive.

Lexi licked the blood and organ tissue from her hands and face, savoring the flavor. She had killed her 42 in this town, and it was time to move on. She picked up Gary's keys from his pocket, then went into her bathroom and wiped the blood off her face and hands. She walked outside, oblivious of her outfit, and got into Gary's car. She could almost taste the blood of the tempted sinners in the next town as she drove away.

The next Deadly Sin: Gluttony: Grandma's House

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