The wind whispers when she is near. The wind speaks truths of her fabled past. I know she is not here for me but I silently wait for her arrival. A scratching sound is filling my room. The sound of the house settling fills the air. The aroma of sweet lavender is filling every corridor. The clock ticks and turns to 12 o' clock. The lights turn on.  

I hear the wind coming into my bedroom saying she is here and is coming for me. The lights turn on in the south corridor. I hear her growl. The light it attracts her as if she was a fly. All noise and movement attracts her also. I see her in the shadows lurking in the silence of the night. She is a mysterious creature whose eyes are beady and red with fear of the children she has eaten. I must be silent.

The light turns off, I hear her come up stairs after spending most of her night in the lighted area of the south corridor. She approaches my door but passes by it. I feel it is safe to move. I softly roll over in my bed quiet enough to not catch her ears. In a flash of light, she hears me. She turns on the light at the top of the stairs. She quickly rushes to my door. I hear the buzzing of wings flapping in the air. I hear her heavy breathing. I lay still. Silent and peaceful. She doesn't hear me anymore. I lay in the silence of my room and wait until I hear her door close and she has left the north corridor.