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Hi there, I have a son of 9 years old. I used to love to go camping with my father so I decided to camp with my son. We set out on what would be the worst mistake of my life.

March 13, 2009

My son and I were driving to the campsite in which I would always camp at with my father. We reached our destination and started to set up our campsite. My son claimed that he couldn't withstand the mosquitos and gnats so I told him to stay inside of the tent. I went to urinate in the bushes when my son let out one of the worst shrieks that I've ever heard. I ran back to check on him and he claimed that he had seen a snake slither on by the tent. I told him shrug it off and calm down.

We slept through the night with the peaceful sounds of nature drifting us in our inner dreams. I had a strange dream of a serpent biting my son's neck and then slithering away, and then a man came out of the bushes and checked on us. There was something off about the man's eyes though, they had a faint black shade that looked like a burnt piece of flesh. The dream started to fade away from me and then I awoke with my son grasping onto me in his sleep.

March 14, 2009

I suggested to my son that we go hunting for some deer and make some deer jerky, my son wasn't up too it but I convinced him into it. We were hunting for deer for about 9 hours until a wild boar came out of the bushes and tackled me to the ground, my son shot the boar in the head and it fell dead. I thanked my son and we went off to cook the boar's dead flesh when a serpent bit my ankle. We quickly ran to the campsite and took out the first aid kit to heal my snake bite. It was night time and my son and I were about to head back home when my son said that he had to pee.

My son went to pee but he didn't return, I found him fainted on the ground with slash marks across his body. I thought to myself, what kind of creature could do this much damage to a 9 year old. I tried call the local hospital when I noticed that my phone was missing. The boar must have knocked it off of my when I got tackled. I checked for my car keys and I couldn't find them anywhere, I had to go to drastic measures. I yelled out for help when I turned around and was suddenly knocked out. 

March 15, 2009

I awoke to find that my son wasn't by my side anymore, then I saw that nothing was around me anymore. I walked around for a while when I saw a burnt bible on the ground. I said to myself, "Who in their right mind would do this sort of thing?" I kept walking until I saw a pile of dead serpents on the ground with their heads chopped off. I threw up at the smell of their dead flesh, and ran away from it. It started to become nighttime and I still had no luck of finding my son or my car. I didn't want to take the risk of calling out because I felt a strange presence lurking about.

All of the sudden, the woods were dead silent and I heard a horrid shriek in the distance. I thought it was my son and rushed towards it. I then saw a faint figure brush through the corner of my eyes when I suddenly  tripped on a tree stump. I then felt something grasp me and sling me into the air. I fell and had the breath knocked out of me. I kept running.

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