To the one in my dreams,

I’ve been watching you for a while, my darling. I know we could be happy together, if only you’d hear me out and listen to my wishes…

Though I’ve only been watching you from a distance, I know that I love you and I could very possibly need you, that is, until they got in the way.

This person…what do you see in them? I could do so much for you. I could keep you safe and warm. I wouldn’t argue with you. I would never hurt you. That is, unless, you tried to leave.

I don’t know what crosses my mind more…On one hand I have the pure intentions of seeing your smiling face greeting me every morning, but on the other, I know you might try to leave, and oh, the things I would do to you. My Plan B is already existent if you deny me of my way.

I would have to ruin that pretty little face of yours. I would carve you the jolliest smile and as you wept, I would kiss away all of your tears. Please don’t leave me, my dearest.

If you still would attempt to escape, I’d have to break your legs. I may not be very strong but I’m positive a crowbar could do the trick. Stay with me, love, I’ll take good care of you.

If you would be desperate enough to attempt crawling away from that point, I would simply chain your hands behind your back as not to bring you any more harm. You’re already terrified of me, enough, aren’t you beloved?

Don’t worry; I’ll take very good care of you. I’ll feed you every day and give you plenty to drink. No matter what you say, what venom you spit, what hateful words you have for me…I will always love you.

Eventually, you’ll lose the will to fight me. Then you’ll understand the depth of my love. You’ll respond to my kisses and affection with equal love, that is…I hope.

If not, I’ll make myself beautiful for you. I’ll paint my lips with your crimson, I’ll starve myself until I reach perfection in your eyes, I’ll even make the effort to set foot outside in the sunlight to add a healthy glow to my skin if that is your wish. I promise to be everything you want.

If that’s not good enough for you, I fear that I’ll have to go to the most drastic measures…

I’m being quite literal when I say I’ll take your heart, as you’ve stolen mine.

Please darling…just let me see you smile. I’d rather not resort to my secondary plan.

Love me…forget about them. After all, they’ve already been taken care of. I’m all you have left, sweet love. I’m anxiously awaiting your arrival with open arms. Come cry into my shoulder. Let me hold you.

P.S. Would someone please deliver this to <insert name here>?

Written by Shinigami.Eyes
Content is available under CC BY-SA