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(This is fiction, don't believe it, it's not real. If this is actually scary, I don't want people getting freaked out like I did from horror movie plots or some of these creepypastas). Shortly after I created this CreepyPasta account, I wanted something to write about. Sure, I had "The Tree", but that wasn't scary, and I wasn't even sure if that was real or not.

So I searched up "scariest thing ever", and I scrolled through page after page, until I got to page 19 where I saw a video with the same title as my search. It had 10 views, and no description. I decided to see what it was like. But before I did, because I'm pretty young, I decided to look at the comments. There were two. One had some weird symbol I had never seen before. It was like a Z with a diagonal line through it. Also, there was a circle around it. The second comment was a reply to the first comment, saying, and I quote, "What the heck?". I don't remember the commenters' usernames, but I remember the video maker's username, "999nataSlleFI". I later went searching for him/her, but to no avail.

The video had no tags, which was weird because I found it on a search. So I clicked on the middle of the video, waiting for it to play, but nothing happened. I tried again, but nothing happened. Then, I clicked the triangle button, and it started to play. I don't know why it wouldn't start when I clicked the video, but I'm assuming it was just a minor glitch. The video was black for a couple seconds, then a weird static line came to the video for a second, kinda like when you rewind a VHS tape. Then, it was mostly darkness.

Through the darkness, you could see a teenage boy of about 16, just sitting on what I think was a bed, but I couldn't make it out through the darkness. He was just sitting there, almost completely still as if he was dead, but his eyes were open, and he was just staring at the camera. This lasted for about two more minutes, just him sitting on his bed, then something even stranger happened. The video got so dark that all you could see was his head. He was staring at the camera, with very little pupil or iris. You could see them, but just barely. That lasted about a minute and a half. Following that, his eyes started to open, more and more, like he was trying to look into your soul. He opened them up so wide, you'd think it wasn't humanly possible.

After a full two minutes of just his eyes getting wider and wider, there was a weird picture that lasted one frame, then complete darkness. I backed up a few seconds to see what picture it was, and it took a few times to pause to the exact spot, but when I did, oh god! It was a picture of the same teenager, bloodied up and damaged. Close up, smiling, and it wasn't a 2 year old smile you'd see at Walmart. No, it was a Norman Bates smile. Just him with his head down, smiling freakishly, like he just accomplished something too horrible to describe. Even though I felt like running away for the computer and going to tell the army or something, I pressed forward to that horrible black screen after that wicked smile. It stayed dark for 30 seconds, and then, laughing. It was barely there, but I could guarantee it was there, and getting creepier. It was the first sound in the entire video. It didn't sound human, it sounded creature-like.

Then, the last minute. The last minute was mostly of a rope in a noose like it was just about to hang someone, and the laughing grew incredibly loud. The rope started swinging slowly, very slowly, almost still, but it was definitely in motion. Than, the last 20 seconds, that same teenager faded into that same rope. HE was the one laughing, and while being hanged, he had that same smile, with that same laugh. The last second had one last picture. I scrolled back and saw a picture of a picture of a knife with a small about of red liquid, presumably blood. There was a caption below saying "They don't know what you're capable of".

I didn't hesitate. As soon as I got the link, I put it on Facebook. What later happened was a bit of a cliché, but freaky at the same time. About 11 comments were on my link. 5 of them were saying: "OMG that wuz the scariest thing I watched." but without much fear in their comments, but since they're hardcore horror fans I could understand that. But the last 6 all mentioned the link was down. So, I personally checked the link, and it was just black...

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