He sat in the car, patiently waiting. It was a hot summer's day and the air was humid. The car had grown hotter throughout the day, but he had been too absorbed in his work to notice.

He looked up from the file he was looking through to check out his surroundings. It was almost time...

He carefully set the file down, making sure none of his precious pictures got creased or wrinkled. He slowly grabbed his sunglasses and got out of the car. A slight breeze whispered across his sweaty face.

He walked around to the front of his car and sat on the hood. And waited.

In the distance a bell rang, signaling the end of the school day for the junior high schoolers. The man grew excited.

He sat, unnoticed, as the children swarmed through the neighbourhood surrounding the school, each eager to get home. The man looked at each child, scanning their young, bright faces. Looking. Searching for his favorite. His special one.

After a few minutes, he found her. The girl he'd been looking for. Watching for. Waiting for The One whose photos filled files back at his home. The man grew extremely excited, almost to the point where he couldn't stand it.

He longed for her. He wanted to take her away, hide her from everyone else, keep her a secret, and play with her.

Oh how he longed to play with her.

He dreamed about it. Her soft flesh giving into his harsh touch. Her cries of fear as he forced himself on her. Her blood pooling around her broken body once he was done with her. Her tear filled eyes as she begged to go home.

He planned it. He knew just how he would steal her away and when. But it was not now.

For now he would wait. He would watch and look from the shadows as she chatted happily with her friends, imagining the day he would make her his plaything.