Black Eye

During a spring break trip, a couple of friends and I went to a friend's cabin out in a small town near Long Beach. We decided that we were hungry and wanted to take a trip to McDonald's. The nearest McDonald's was about 20 minutes away. It was about 11 P.M. when we started driving. It was a long, straight, creepy road. It was a little foggy which made it really eerie. There were a little amount of cars; we saw maybe two or three cars throughout the entire trip.

We finally got there, and went through the drive thru. We were sitting next to the pick up window, waiting for our food when a friend in the back seat said, "Guys! I don't think that car had a driver in it."

So I looked back to see the car, but wasn't able to catch it. But I saw a jeep driving the other way, and I watched that jeep drive down the road, I watched it until I couldn't see it anymore. It disappeared into the fog far down the road.

We got our food and pulled into a parking spot that was right out of the drive thru. Right as we stopped, I looked back and saw the same exact jeep, with the same driver, pulling out right behind us, out of the drive thru. It was so fast that it didn't even have time to pick up any food. I told my friends and we got a little freaked. That moment we all saw a giant shadow fly across the building to our right. The only light shining on that building was the light post right in front of us, so to make the shadow, the thing would have had to walk right next to the car, but we didn't see anyone.

We got a little more scared, so my friend threw the car in reverse and we started driving back. As we pulled out, the friend in the back got a message from a girl that he doesn't talk to that often that said, "I know where you're at."

He asked, "Where?" and she replied with "McDonald's".

Then followed up with stating how we are driving down a road now. The messages got a lot creepier so he tried to delete them. He said it wasn't working and they wouldn't delete. I thought he was joking around, trying to be scary, so I took the phone and tried myself.

They wouldn't delete. I must have hit the delete button 30 times, with no response. So I gave the phone back because I was too creeped out. He didn't text back anymore. We drove down the long road without seeing any cars the whole way. We finally get back and run into the cabin. We feel relief because we were safe. But then the friend's phone goes off again.

The girl texted and the message read:

"Why'd you guys stop?"