Author's note: This was my first creepypasta, I hope you all like it.

The Lonely Man

A really cool Photoshop. Looks almost exactly like the real event.

If you go to the forest on the outskirts of your town, you may see a lonely man. If you get a little too close to the man he may start whispering to you of a hospital that you will not have heard of. Go home after the man says goodbye and walks away.

Look up the hospital. Once you find the hospital that you were looking for, go to it. What the lonely man may have failed to tell you... is not to go alone.

When you enter the hospital you will see a bunch of folders on the floor. Across the hall from you, you will see a paper stand that will read as follows: 1967.

You will turn and see the basement unlocked. You will then go down the stairs to the basement. When you are finally on the last step, you will hear voices. Ignore them, for they are simply telling you lies. You will find two filing cabinets, one of which is unlocked. Look in and pick up the first one under L. The picture will be of a man in a coat.

"Louis L. Jefferson in because of..."

There will be a coffee stain covering up the reason why he was in there. You may think to yourself, "That looks like the man I met in the forest." Once you have been in there for about five minutes, you will hear someone walking.

The sound will stop after a period of time. You will feel a hot breath on the back of your neck. Now quickly take the contents inside of his folder and run; run for your life. Once you make it home, take a good look at the folder. You will find a slip of paper with only these words that have been written down that say only this:

"Stay away from this man."

Now for the rest of your life never look behind you. Never look back.