"Did you lose something?" I asked the creature searching around my room.

“Yes you see, I lost what I loved the most, I cherish it so dearly.”

The creature replied, then his face saddened and he slipped into the chair against the wall.

“I’ve looked everywhere. I give up! I’m never going to find it! It's hopeless! I will never get it back!”

He began to cry a little. I grabbed a tissue from the box I had on my nightstand. "Here this is for you, dry those tears, think positive, if you want it and you look hard enough for it will come back. By the way, what are we looking for exactly?"

“Sigh, it's hopeless, we will never find it, it probably has already given up on searching for me.”

"Now don’t talk like that, if it misses you it will search until it finds you, you clearly love it, and I bet it loves you as much."

“I can’t find it, I need him, I need him to help me live, he is everything to me.” The creature began to cry again. He ran to a corner of the room and just collapsed. His many eyes were filled with tears beyond counting. He began to sob some more; he couldn’t understand how he lost it. He clearly needed it. It made him happy.

I ran to the other room, to find my book of demons, monsters, and creatures. Maybe I could find what he was looking for there. I looked in the table of contents for the creatures species. He was a “lover,” which is one of the best creatures there are. I went to the first page of the lover section, and the first thing I see is the creature's picture.

I scanned through the back history and then I saw the word “obsessions.” Of course, he is a lover, he obsesses over one thing and never lets go. Under the description of what he obsesses over it said, “After a while the thing it obsesses over leaves and the creature is left sighing and weeping, to stop this, you have to break to him that it is time to move on. He will disagree with you and will deny it. Just keep telling him, it's for the best.”

I then knew what I had to do, I had to find him something else to obsess over. I ran back to the room with a picture of a beautiful creature that I knew he would enjoy.

"Creature I have to break this to you, the thing you are looking for, it has moved on but that’s just what happens to creatures like you, it doesn’t mean you did anything wrong it just means it's time for you to move on."

“I don't want to.”

"I know you don't want to but you have to."

Then with his many eyes he set the room on fire and then I knew I was completely mistaken, this wasn’t a “lover” he was a “deceiver.” This is one of the moments when I wished I wasn’t the only human.