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Blender bedroom

Alice's dad had to go out for an evening, something at work had come up. He promised her that he would be back in a few hours.

Alice didn't like being alone in the house. The creaking and the sounds of the house all sounded like footsteps to her, but Alice thought she knew better. She locked all the doors, closed all the windows, shut all the curtains, turned off all the lights downstairs and ran upstairs as fast as possible. She slammed her bedroom door and sat on her bed. She was scared to open her door again. She locked that door and turned off the light...

Breathing a sigh of relief she lay in the darkness of her bedroom, remembering she locked the house down. She told herself that nothing could get in, but that all changed when she heard a voice from the darkness,

"Good, now we're locked in for the night."

It was only then that she realized, if nothing could get in...nothing could get out.

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