I am sitting on a plate, fresh off the grill. My exterior is burned beyond recognition, my core perfectly cooked. I am being put inside a bun, tomato blood is poured over me, its body follows. Dismembered carrot and blood bathed beetroot soon follows. The yellow, melted stuff my friend Jill worked so hard to produce is placed on top of the bloody mess.

The horror filled decoration comes to an end. Big sausage like things pick me up and raise me to a gaping hole filled with gleaming, white, sharp teeth. I am placed inside, the jaws clamp shut and Oh! The pain! It is excruciating. Blood pours off me coating the formerly white teeth in a crimson sheen. I am being rolled back towards the molar teeth, being stabbed all the while, I can barely continue my story it is that painful.

The chewing stopped and the tongue began fooling around with me, lifting and pushing me back towards certain doom. I am pushed down, the fall seems to last for eternity. I land in a pit of warm liquid, it seems to be heating slowly, ripping away at what is left of my meaty body. It is painful beyond belief, hopefully this ends soon..

Finally I pass from the pit of stripping liquid, I move through a long passage that connects with the anus. I can only hope this being doesn't get constipation.