Are you missing someone?

Have you lost a loved one or a dear friend?

We can help.

Life Restoration Inc.

Using the data gathered by your loss’s brain chip, we can recreate your loss’s personality1 and memories within our computers and upload them into a puppet body!

Death is a tragic loss. With us, you never have to experience the full effects again!2 You’ll have your family member or friend forever!

What’s dead should not stay dead.3

And with us, it never has to!4

Message us at #7825J today!

Prices vary, depending on insurance, address, area, population of area, and characteristics of the deceased.

By World Law #42A, we only serve those who live in underpopulated districts.

1 Our computers only have the capability to recreate notable traits of the deceased individual’s personality. Our technology is not yet advanced enough to create complete personality profiles.

2 The puppet bodies will die within 47 years and personalities cannot be recreated again afterwards.

3 This advertisement does not reflect this company’s opinions, as expressing such things, if they contradict a world law or the opinions of the government, would violate World Law #63.

4 By World Law #94, all humans and artificial humans must die or be destroyed after a maximum of 200 years.

Side effects (of puppet body) include: confusion, mood swings, gradual degeneration of personality and intelligence, and gradual memory loss.

© Life Restoration Inc., 2160

Most Helpful Customer Reviews

  • User4065:

Great work! I just had my granddad restored and it's just like him! I recommend this to anyone whose mind lives in the real, present world and realizes that people don't have to be gone forever. :D

  • User3280:

I received my restored daughter's best friend about three months ago to present to her for her birthday and her friend's parents. He was a perfect representation from what I noticed, but my daughter was instantly scared of him.

Eventually, however, they grew closer and she said it was like having her friend back, until recently that is. My daughter said that his personality has begun to change, that he has become more aggressive and that his mood swings between several negative emotions.

I realize that the advertisement states that these things will happen, but I expected them to happen way later on. This is not a quality product and I discourage you from buying a life restoration from this company.

  • User7326:

When mine came, she seemed just like my sister, but something was off. They got the personality somewhat right, but Julie was such an individual, so different than anybody else, that I'm sure their computers had an extra hard time capturing her personality's "essence." If your deceased person had a strong personality, do not have them restored. They will be soulless.

  • User502:

[deleted for violating World Law #63].