A ray of light flashes in my eyes. I see a figure, holding my tiny body. And getting thrown into my mother's arms, I hear "Honey, what do you want to name it?" I look up to see a hobo looking messy, holding a can labeled Beer.

He looks like a Matthew. I abruptly hear from my "father". I open my eyes to see myself in a bedroom. There were unfamiliar objects, such as a caged bed and a breathing mammal on the end of it.

I hear smashing of glass and cans and an unfamiliar figure comes and picks me up and runs. I see my guardians standing there crying. I get thrown into the seat of a truck, I open my eyes. I'm in a club, I see a woman puckering her lips getting close to me, I open my eyes. I see myself in a bathroom with a dead woman similar to the one puckering her lips, a bloodied crowbar in my hand.

I open my eyes. I see a bunk with a caged door and a muscular naked man holding my head down telling me to take it all as I feel something go abruptly up my anus. I open my eyes. I see myself holding a gun in a battlefield shooting innocent people...I open my eyes I see myself in a hospital with a woman telling me what we should name it. I open my eyes and see my self on top of a large building.

I open my eyes and see myself jumping off.