Life. We all have one and we will all lose it. The topic of Life itself is interesting but have you ever really thought about life and death? It's as simple as yin and yang, good and evil, light and dark. Some want one, but others would rather have the second option. 

If you were to ask me my opinion, I welcome both with open arms. I figure, death is imminent if you're alive so what's the point in fearing it or craving it?

That's right, there IS none. But I'm getting ahead of myself here. I'm writing this little bit of advice for everyone out there sane enough to listen to it. am the harbinger of life and death.

If you die, I'm here to see you through it. When you are born, all throughout your life that you so dearly love, I am your thoughts, your conscious. My advice to you all is to live life to the fullest. Don't crave death, but accept it, and know that it is always there, waiting, watching.

I'm always waiting, watching. When your time comes, I'll be there to make it all better for you. Don't worry I won't hurt you, just let me help. So for now, have fun with your 'life' because when it's over, it's truly over.