OMJ Conspiracy Image

Only found image of the 'Legless Limbless'.

The Legless Limbless was a name given to this 'man' by Paul Dover, who found the image online but upon contact, could not confirm the origin of the image.

Research shows that no further imagery can be found to support the existence of this man but reports have been heard of.

One report from a woman (name unknown) suggests that the Limbless Legless had no legs and instead, cut off the legs of a child and surgically connected them to himself. One man has apparently seen this man taking pieces of what appeared to be a body and feeding it to his dog. The man said that the Limbless Legless referred to the dog as 'Billy'. 

He has reportedly been spotted several times around London and has been named as the cause of several murders but upon investigating, police couldn't find enough evidence to connect the murders. Conspirators believe that unsolved murders have relation to Legless Limbless .

When Paul Dover found the image, more people related visions they've seen to looking like the photo. It's suggested that Limbless died years ago and appears only in spirit form around the scenes of recent crimes.

The name came apparent recently with the combination of reports. The idea that the man had no real legs and was insane, created the name 'Legless Limbless'.

The long neck of the character has no apparent reason although it's believed that an accident requiring surgery resulted in the abnormal long neck which lead Limbless to causing the acts that's he's 'known' for.

The staff in the image is often considered as the 'Limbless Stick', where he used to use the tool to help in removing limbs from the victims.


The image to the side shows a murder case solved and during the sentencing an image is held up. The image shows three other images where the bottom one shows the Legless Limbless. It is believed that either the Limbless in real form or spirit from was the cause of the murder but due to 'supernatural' purposes couldn't be found therefore someone else was prosecuted. This is the only case which has been taken to a conclusion. All other reports have been abandoned due to improvable ideas.