Do you ever wonder why there are so many frogs that croak at night? Long ago in the Pacific County, there was a creature that knew no bounds of creation.

It was an abomination of different animal parts. It had the fangs of a wolf, the face and hands of a human, the body of a bear, and the legs of a cougar. It was an abomination completely to all creation.

Yet none of that compared to the horror within its eyes. Its eyes were a blood red that glowed brighter than the stars. The creature went over boundaries that no mere mortal could. The beast took the role of a god and used it to change those we know today.

During the night the creature would roam the forests and streets of the Pacific and look for humans that lived with depression and regret from their mistakes. If the creature finds one then it will try his hardest to catch them. Once it does, which it will, it makes them look into its eyes. Its horrible eyes...

When its prey looks into its eyes they see all of their mistakes in a new light. They see them for the truth that they hold before them. If the person accepts their mistakes after seeing them again, the creature will let them be, free to live their brand new lives. If they don't, the creature turns the human into a frog which are unable to speak.

When the person becomes a frog they will cry during the night, yet us mortals don't hear them as words, but croaks. To this day, the monster still roams Pacific County, looking for its next victim. For those that know the story, they try to live their lives to the fullest so it doesn't come looking for them.

As for those that don't know of the story, they may become a frog if they live with regret; then they will know true pain through croaks of misery. That is why even today, when you're in Pacific County you will hear the croaks of the frogs each and every night wishing that they had accepted their mistakes.