Has anyone ever heard of 'left and light'..? Maybe you have and just heard it wrong? Please tell me if you have heard it, I would like to talk about it with somebody... I'm a bit too scared to speak about it with my friend though, since she doesn't like it when I speak about things like this. And sorry if I seem to ramble, I'm just... Really startled by this.

Anyway, here's how it started. Like any normal night, I just brushed my teeth, took a shower, you know, all the basic stuff before I went to bed. I didn't have dreams often, so I was actually kinda happy to have a dream that night. The dream started off in the woods, dimly lit, kinda like how it is in the game Slender.

The dream turned over to cartoonish versions of Jeff the Killer, Slenderman, and Grinny Cat. They actually all looked kinda cute in cartoon version. But then they started getting more realistic. You know, you might see some creepy fanart of Jeff the Killer or the other creepypastas, that looks realistic, but is still obviously drawn? That's kinda how they were.

The dream then switched over to a dark farm full of dead cows. The dream looked realistic now, with organs strewn out around the cows to the point it made me a bit sick. The dream then looked like it was simply a painting, which was a bit more calming in my opinion... Although, then the words 'Left and Light' were suddenly painted onto the canvas in blood, and it was starting to be torn apart by something behind it. When the painting was finally in shreds, I was able to see... 'It'. That... Creature.

Its skin was inside-out and it was covered in blood. It was about... maybe seven feet tall...? I wasn't paying much attention to its height. Not even its hunched over body, its hands with knives for fingers got my attention, not even the bones that poked out of its body.

Its face is what terrified me... The area where skin should have been around its eyes and mouth looked like it was ripped off, leaving full view for me to see its dark, black eyes and twisted smile with its needle-like teeth. The creature then said something in a demonic voice, as dark as the black background of the dream behind it. "You'll never escape from me." Those words sent chills down my spine.

When I woke up, my parents and brother were still asleep. I went to the kitchen, to get a drink and eat some breakfast. I sat down with my tea and crumpet, and I could have sworn I saw that creature out of the corner of my eye. It was probably just my mind messing with me, since I have always been quite paranoid, despite my love for horror.

The rest of the day seemed pretty normal. There was a ringing sound I heard every now and then, but that wasn't unusual for me. After what had seemed like forever, it was 3:45 A.M and I was still awake, trying to finish a drawing I was working on, but leaving it on my work desk when I convinced myself that I was too tired to finish it. I went back to sleep once again.

As the chances were odd for me, I had another dream. This dream immediately showed that horrifying creature again. It had started speaking. "You can not escape from me, ever. I haunt the seemingly perfect light of day, I follow you in your dreams, never look left again, because I will always be there." The dream ended there. I often had short dreams on the rare occasion that I had dreams at all.

That is what happened in my dreams... Right now I am just sitting on my couch, and hoping that this was all just looking to the window left to me to see if the sun is still up...