Many thoughts race through your brain as you lie awake on a sleepless night, staring at the ceiling. There could be a trouble in your life, such as a big report due for work, or possibly a date the next day. Maybe someone in the family has just passed away, or maybe you are just struggling to drift off into dreamland.

As whatever is racing through your brain runs it course, you can't help not to notice a tiny bug crawling across the wall to the left of you as you turn your body to a more comfortable position.

You observe it for a few minutes as it wanders aimlessly along the wall, and can't help but think that there is something larger watching over you. You think, Am I as insignificant as that bug?

You wonder what your true purpose is and why you are here on Earth. Has someone placed you here for a reason? Are you just a product of evolution and nature?

You can't understand, and in a childish, futile effort you call out to an empty house, "Is anybody watching me?"

Just then, a response from the farthest corner of the room quietly says:

"I'd thought you'd never ask."