Basement Laundry

You may have noticed in my previous entries, provided you've read them, I've seen some weird stuff. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen some ghosts.

Blame this on me being totally bat shit insane or take it for what I think it is; encounters.

But just recently, I was carrying a rather heavy load of laundry downstairs to the basement. That's not the spooky part, despite how much I hate doing housework.

I felt like someone was watching me, so I did my usual reaction. Most would childishly run, but my curiosity gets the best of me quite often. Much like a frightened rabbit, I paused and stood still as a statue.

My eyes shifted to the direction of the stare I could've sworn I felt. To my surprise, I saw a flash of a floral print dress. A friend mentioned seeing a woman in a floral dress on my porch a few months ago, and personally, I knew the boy wasn’t nuts.

That easily could've just been in my head, but I know what wasn't. The dial on the washing machine turned with its typical clicking sound. I could even see it turning, and the only explanation I had for it was that the spirit was turning it.

I remembered that I was on a schedule, so I decided to be a brave little runt and stumble my happy ass on over to the washing machine. Funny, the dial was on the setting I needed after that... I smiled a little.

I loaded up the machine and let it do its work.

Whenever I go down to the basement, sometimes I still see a flash of that pattern disappearing behind a pile of our packed boxes and I smell heavy perfume. Something like Passion or Red Door? But anyway, I don't feel too threatened. I just get that weird heart-jump feeling whenever she startles me.